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Relaxing bedroom "Relaxing"

The bedroom where you can shift from daily life to sleep is not just a place to sleep, but a "relaxing space" where you can relax and relax from work and housework. The bedroom, where you can spend a private time surrounded by your favorite things, has its own way of relaxing, such as reading, talking with a partner, or writing a diary.
By spending time before bed in a bedroom where you can truly relax, you will be able to get a good rest and sleep. In a compact living space, we propose a bedroom that makes you feel more comfortable and comfortable before bedtime.

Compact and comfortable,
Ideal relaxation

The bed has a series of headboard spokes that create a calm, open and relaxing space, along with a range of items for a comfortable rest even in a compact lifestyle.
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

2020.08.29 New Item Debut

You can choose from two patterns for the bedside table and lights. The combination of drawer night table with drawer and night lamp is recommended when there are many things that are always placed on the bedside. An arm lamp table that combines two functions into one can produce a simpler space. The drawer desk, which is convenient for writing a little and working with a laptop, can also be used as a dresser by attaching a dedicated mirror.
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

Ideal relaxation created by a comfortable spoke rhythm

A bed with continuous spokes on the headboard that creates a calm, open and relaxing space.
Instead of using a single headboard, the spokes allow you to place it in a limited space without pressure. By adopting the style of twin beds that use single size side by side instead of one double size bed or more, layout flexibility is increased and moderate privacy is maintained. Even when two single sizes are lined up, the spokes on the headboard continue beautifully. The headboard is gently tilted to create a distance from the wall, which is a comfortable angle to lean against.
The cosine-like smoothness and tension on the edges make it a perfect fit for a variety of interiors.
There is also a flat bed where you can enjoy the wooden texture of the frame with the ultimate simple design.

2020.08.29 New Item Debut
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

A calm light and a small table at night

Night lamp table that integrates the functions of the table and lighting. Since the stand is a stand type and the lighting rotates around the pillar, you can use it by changing the lighting expression according to your way of spending, such as slightly separating when you want a faint light and bringing it closer when reading a book. You can place it in a small space as the bedside lights and table are integrated. Not only the table but also the columns and base are made of solid wood, which gives a warm and wooden impression.
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

2020.08.29 New Item Debut

Nightstand with simple drawers

2020.08.29 New Item Debut
The simple drawer nightstand with drawers is a compact nightstand that's a good place to put books, smartphones, glasses, etc. on the table top for lighting and bedtime reading. Items that are always on the bedside can be kept in the drawers and the table top can always be kept tidy. It can be installed in a space with a sense of unity together with a drawer desk of the same design.

2020.08.29 New Item Debut

Compact design table lamp with a light design

An ultra-compact table lamp with a diameter of 13 cm that does not take up space near the bed. The base is engraved on the top with a small rise and the bottom slightly raised to give the detail a light impression.
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

For dressers, console tables,
Also on the work desk

Compact work desk with drawer. It can be used as a dresser or workspace in the bedroom, living room, and dining room. A drawer that is large enough to store two A4 sizes vertically is just right for storing makeup tools and tools needed for work. It fits nicely into the interior of the style.
It can be used with a drawer night table to create a cohesive space.
2020.08.29 New Item Debut

2020.08.29 New Item Debut

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[New release] Relaxing bedroom

[New release] Relaxing bedroom

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