Congratulations and gifts are conveyed by a “wooden gift” spring gift

Children's Day and new school celebration and inner celebration,
Spring gifts, such as Mother's Day gifts, are gifts of wood that convey your feelings!

May is a season when there are many opportunities to choose gifts, such as gifts for children's day and mother's day, as well as celebration of new school entrance and internal celebration. I want to choose a special gift for someone special that can be used every day and enrich each day! Then we recommend wooden accessories that give your room a gentle and rich look with a gentle touch, fragrance and texture.
Wooden accessories such as Cosine watches can also be personalized, making them perfect gifts. A cosine tree gift that nurtures the heart of the child and heals the heart of the adult will help convey the usual gratitude and special feelings!

Gift boxes, makeup boxes, ribbons, wrappers, packaging, wrapping

Play with parents and children and communicate more!
Cultivating a rich heart << wooden toys >> cosine TOY

The cosine wood toy cosine TOY is handmade using short materials that are not enough to make furniture and living tools in the cosine workshop. We offer toys made using Japanese traditional "sawthing" technology, toys that parents and children can learn by playing together, and "Koppappa" where parents and children can enjoy crafts freely. On Children's Day in May, please enjoy playing with parents!

Mahaboo Boo, The First Tsumiki, Puzzle 5, Koppa, Wooden Edge, Wooden Edge, Cosine TOY, Toy, Infant, Child, Gift, Present

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Wooden accessories and Scandinavian sundries that will make you relax somewhere on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I want to choose a present that will make my favorite things more fun!
For example, a mother who likes cooking loves going out with a set of Scandinavian kitchen towels along with a tray (small) that is just the right size for panning and serving meals using four types of trees. Why don't you give a gift to your mother with a hanger and a handkerchief and bag made of Scandinavian fabric? It is also nice to engrave messages on trays (large) (small) and picture frames.

Tray, tray, kitchen tool, kauniste, kaunisute, hanger, shoehorn, stand, hot pot

A gift for any occasion. Whenever you want a wooden clock gift

The watches you see every day, everywhere in your home, are chosen to be long and safe to use. Cosine wood clocks can be chosen as gifts for a variety of occasions, such as new construction celebrations, opening and opening celebrations, and internal celebrations. Mine clock (large) (small) and MUKU clock (small) that can also be used as table clocks are recommended as gifts. For new students and birthdays, a children's watch will be selected. It seems that you will be even more pleased if you engrave your child's clock with the birthday or celebration message of the child you are presenting.

MUKU Clock (Small), Mine Clock (Small), Mine Clock (Large), Child Clock, Wall Clock, Table Clock, Education, Study, Arithmetic, Calculation, Solid Wood, Scandinavian

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2020 Celebration / Presents give a feeling of “wooden gifts” Spring gifts

2020 Celebration / Presents give a feeling of “wooden gifts” Spring gifts

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