Speaking of cosine, dress racks are the most popular but there are products that are secretly gaining popularity.

The long-selling “Dress Rack”, which has surpassed 70,000 since its release, is the most popular product in Cosine.
Apart from that, there are some products that are secretly gaining popularity in official mail order. We deliver large and small items from your studio in Asahikawa, Hokkaido to your home. Some items need to be assembled, but the excitement of assembling them after they arrive is impressive.
Introducing wood life tools that can be used for a long time and with great value as well as products different from dress racks.

Living shelves and wagon shelves that can be used in a variety of ways both in the living room and in the room

Living shelves and wagon shelves that can be used in various rooms such as storage and cabinets. Living shelves are available in two heights, 85cm and 120cm, depending on the room. 85cm has 3 steps and 120cm has 4 steps. Use a multi-tray or bookend, sold separately, to expand the range of applications.
There are also TV boards with matching designs.
The wagon shelves are equipped with wheels that are easy to move. You can put a toy in the children's room, put pots and dishes in the kitchen, put food for purchase, and put clothes and towels in the dressing room.
The living and wagon shelves have a simple design, so they are popular for their long life in various rooms.

-Living shelf production scenery-
It looks like a glue is attached.

Living shelf 120, living shelf 85, TV board, TV board (wide), book stand, trico center table, trico side table, multi tray, book end, picture frame, living roomWagon shelf, children's clock, children's rack, twin coat stand, heart, toy, children's room

Rack table and lamp table to spend a relaxing time in your room

A rack table characterized by its simplicity, which at first glance pops into any room.
It can be used as a rack for placing small items, as well as a site table such as a bed or sofa, or as a TV rack up to 32 inches.
It has a firmer sense of stability than it looks, and its design is simple, so it can be used for a long time even if your lifestyle changes.
The legs will be installed by the customer, but can be easily installed simply by turning.

Rack table, bedside, sofaside, pop, simple

Lamp table, sofa side, bedside, lamp and table, mini table,

A lamp table with a lamp on a small table. By placing glasses or smartphones on the table, you can create a space where you can relax when reading a book or drinking a drink under the light.
The three legs give a light impression and do not break the atmosphere of the room.
The combination of a small table and a table stand (lamp) keeps the surroundings clear.
Tree species can be selected from maple and walnut according to the atmosphere of the room.

A nesting stool that can be transformed into a fantasy with seven changes that enhance the living room

A nest stool that can be transformed into a vision depending on the idea.
If you stack them, you can use them as stylish bookshelves and storage, and you can arrange books to make a little bookshelf. The layout can be changed according to the space of the room because it can be placed horizontally or vertically. When not in use, like matryoshka, the freedom to combine them into one is the reason why they are popular. The smallest one can be a chair and the largest one can be a table to create a children's desk.

~ Nest stool production scenery ~
We sort the colors to make a pair
Nest stool, studio, factory, working, working

Nest stool, Sakura, Maple, Exhibition, Display, Furniture, Wide variety, VersatileChildren's room, nest stool, bookshelf, display shelf, vertical, horizontal, free

Multi-tray that enhances your living room and room

The multi tray, which is useful for organizing, works as a multi as the name suggests. It's about 4cm deep and solid, so you can put in documents and letters and make it into a letter case, or you can put together small items that tend to get cluttered, so you can easily take them out.
The bookstand is the magazine rack for living and bedrooms. If you make good use of vertical bars, you can lean books vertically, horizontally or diagonally, so large books are perfect.
The book end is made of thick solid wood and supports heavy books. There are three species of trees, so some people come together in pairs.
Even if it is smaller than furniture, it is a popular item that is hidden because it has the warmth of wood and enhances the atmosphere of the room.

Multi tray, deep type, letter case, document case, desk arrangement, desk arrangement, wood, wooden

Bookend, bookstand, bookstand, bookshelf, living room, bedroom, children's room, bedroom, study, library, solid wood, stability, luxury
Bookstand, bookend, bookstand, bookshelf, living room, bedroom, bedroom, children's room, magazine, magazine rack, library, solid wood, stability, luxury

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2020 Cosine Official Store Hidden Popular Items

2020 Cosine Official Store Hidden Popular Items

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