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Why do not you make it a fun and relaxing entrance when you go out and home?

From March to April, the season gets warmer and the mood of spring increases.
I think it's fun to go out when it gets warm. Strolling, jogging and shopping.
When you return home after a change, do you feel calm if you have something that makes you feel spring? I hope you will enjoy the warm and gentle atmosphere of solid wood.
This time, we will introduce life tools around the entrance as "Spring entrance".

Even if it rains, it's exciting and fun.

The Rainy Rack is a convenient place to store wet umbrellas on rainy days, as well as small items at the entrance.
There are maple and walnut in two tree types. You can put the handle of the umbrella on the horizontal bar at the top, or you can put it on three protruding parts if it has a string. In addition to umbrellas, some people wear small brooms or shoehorns.
The lower tray is removable and can be washed even if it gets dirty. The xylem is also coated with a waterproof urethane so you can wear an umbrella without fear of getting wet. Care is easy, too.

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Versatile use, device, shoehorn stand, shoehorn holder, flat, effective use

Storage "Shoe rack" and "Slippers & Shoe rack" that can be shown just by putting them off

Limited entrance space is something you want to use efficiently. Cosine's "Shoe Rack" is a storage shelf that can be used on flooring or cobblestones. It's okay even if wet because it's urethane coated. It is easy to clean even if it gets dirty.
This type is used standing against a wall, and the bottom row can be used for middle-sized boots and boots. There is no limit on the height of the upper row, so you can place small items and miscellaneous goods, place a stamp to receive luggage, and use it freely.

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Slippers & Shoe racks, Slipper racks, Shoe racks, Slipper holders, Entrance storage, Convenient, Small furniture, Scandinavian, Living alone, Fashionable, Living alone, Waterproof

If you want to put a small amount of shoes and a small amount of slippers in one place, "Slippers & Shoe Rack" is recommended. You can put slippers on top and put shoes on the walnut part at the bottom. Unusual for cosine, one product uses maple and walnut, which is also urethane coated even if it is wet. Even if there are shoes left out at the entrance, simply putting them on the rack will make them "showable storage."

If you want to store slippers side by side for customers, "Leaf Rack" is recommended. It is a type of orthodox slipper storage, but this is also a type that stands against the wall. The part where the slippers are applied has been devised so that it can be easily taken out even when standing against the wall. Slippers for children of about 18-20cm can be worn.
Please choose a tree species according to the atmosphere of the entrance.

Slipper rack, solid wood, simple, lean, slipper holder, entrance storage, Nordic, fashionable,

Tree rack and twin coat stand where you can put on your fashion show clothes before going out at the entrance mirror

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If you have a mirror at the entrance, you can easily check your appearance before going out. At this time when a new life begins, unfamiliar mornings tend to panic.
Cosine's entrance mirror is a type that can be used to stand against a wall as it shows the whole body. Easy to move and easy to change layout. It would be useful if you could quickly match the outerwear and accessories you often wear at the entrance with such a mirror. The "tree rack" and the "twin coat stand" are recommended for hanging jackets and accessories.
The tree rack is the same type as the entrance mirror and is used by leaning. It features a design that looks like a tree with branches extending like a tree. A hat and a jacket, as well as a small hook at the bottom, can be used for a key or key ring.
The twin court stands are of different heights, so children can dress themselves. The hook can be rotated so that you can place it wherever you like.
If you're worried about the space at the entrance, "wall hooks" and "mine hooks" are recommended. Jackets, hats, stalls and umbrellas can also be hung on the wall.

Mine hook, wall hook, wall hanging, storage, convenient, accessory, hook, solid wood, convenient, small furniture, easy installation

You can sit and wear your shoes You can wear your shoes while standing “Entrance stool” and “Shoehorn”

Cosine has an entrance stool as a chair for the entrance. As it is compact and made with a sense of stability with a gentle curve, it is recommended for taking off shoes at the entrance.
Some customers use it as a work chair or as an indoor chair. It is a stool that can be used in a wide variety of applications depending on the family and life.

For a limited time, outlet stools for outlets are currently on sale.
Please see here as it is more affordable than the list price.

Outlet, cosine, entrance stool, mine wall clock, no.270 clock, value, bargain

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Shoehorn, shoehorn stand, long, short, length, easy to grip, solid wood, shoe spatula, shoe spatula, entrance accessory, convenient accessory, visitor, for visitor, with leather string, form, fashionable, cute, simple, luxury

Cosine also offers a "shoehorn" that is convenient for wearing shoes while standing. Two lengths. The “Shoehorn (L)” can be used while standing, and the “Shoehorn (S)” is easy to use while sitting or crouching. The shoehorn (S) is exactly half the length of the shoehorn (L).
The shoehorn also has its own stand. As we can lean, we can use suddenly and can return quickly. It is a cute stand with a slender shape.

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2020 Spring Entrance

2020 Spring Entrance

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