Cosine / cosine / 2020 Valentine's Day Gift

Walnut's cosine, which is counted among the three major trees,
A little handsome atmosphere.
This year's Valentine's Day gift is an unusual gift

The most impressive cosine is white maple wood, but many products also come in dark brown walnut wood. Maple wood has a natural and sometimes cute impression from its white and refreshing wood bark, while walnut is characterized by a heavy, calm deep brown. Even with the same Cosine product, how about a Walnut Cosine item that looks somewhat handsome for a Valentine's Day gift this year? Here are some of the walnut cosine items that are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts that can be used in everyday life.

A simple wall hook that looks like a board attached to a wall
Enjoy the wall like yourself

It is a simple wall hook that pulls out the hooks you want to use from the four hooks.
It features a simple design that stands out for the texture of the wood. When all the hooks are removed, the surface becomes flat, giving the impression of attaching a board to the wall.
You can store your favorite hats and outerwear as if decorating the wall, and it will be an accent of the interior.

A walnut clock in an adult space where quiet time flows

The walnut watch, with its beautifully illuminated shadows illuminated by sunlight and lighting coming in through windows, is a deep brown color, has a solid feeling, and gives the room a much more mature impression. Walnut watches provide a quiet and peaceful passage of time in rooms where you can relax and enjoy your hobbies and gatherings.

To that stylish person,
Walnut's life tools that make fashion more fun

The compact, wall-mounted mirror that allows you to move your entire body, and the items that show your favorite clothes and shoes and can be stored as if displayed, are perfect gifts for that stylish person. I want you to enjoy more fashionable, so why not give a mirror or storage that can be used for a long time and present something that can be used to grow up?

An upgraded gift for executives

The cosine collection, which makes use of the high-quality feel of walnut wood, is a highly modelable living tool made by designers and craftsmen who are extremely skilled at work. With a beauty like a sculpture and a function as a tool, living tools that are a notch higher are guaranteed to be pleased with gifts.

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2020 Valentine's Day

2020 Valentine's Day

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A stool that makes t...

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Slim stand mirror As its name...

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Wall hook

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Wagon shelf

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A reliable shelf that is perfect for storing A s...

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cut out clock

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I carved out solid wood,
Wall clock like an ...

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lepore pallet rack

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A partner by the desk. A personal rack for your o...

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