A popular simple and natural cosine dress rack that has not changed since its release in 1993.

The dress rack, which features a good storage capacity, the lightness that can be folded and moved and put away, a beautiful design that does not get tired and a material that suits anywhere, has been cosineed for 27 years since its release in 1993. Is a bestseller. One of the charms is that you can choose from three sizes and five expressions to suit the way you live, how you use it, and the interior. Introducing all the loved dress racks.

What is the difference between the dress rack, the dress rack (wide), and the dress rack (small)?

Dress racks and dress racks (wide) differ in the amount of clothes that can be hung. And the dress rack (small) is slightly narrower and lower than the dress rack, so even children can hang it on their own. All three types are assembled and can be folded in the same way.
In addition, there are five types of dress racks and dress racks (wide): maple, walnut, cherry blossom, oak, and moist, maple and urethane brown. Dress racks (small) are only maple.
Dress racks for one person, dress racks for a family outerwear (wide), dress racks for children, etc. You can choose.

The horizontal bar below the current dress rack, dress rack (wide) and dress rack (small) is at a height that allows the robot vacuum to pass through.
* Some of the models before the minor change cannot pass through the robot vacuum.

Dress rack and dress rack (wide)
You can choose from 4 tree species and 5 colors

Including maple featuring white smooth wood bark, walnut with deep brown and solid feeling, oak, cherry tree and maple urethane / brown paint painted 4 tree species / 5 colors that can be hung on the interior Please give me. You can enjoy different aging and taste depending on the tree species.

You can use it where you need it, when you need it,
Fold and compact when not in use

When the legs are folded, the thickness is only about 7 cm. The weight and size allow women to easily carry them, so they can be quickly opened and used wherever you want.
You can also air dry your room or futon if you have a dress rack (wide).
The appeal of the dress rack is that it can be put out quickly when used and kept compact when not in use.

Use together to increase storage capacity!
Enhanced options to match your usage

An optional tray for storing large bags and an optional hook for hanging stalls and shoulder bags can be used in all dress racks.
One optional tray can be placed on a dress rack, a small dress rack, and two on a dress rack (wide). The optional hook can be used in a dress rack as well as a child rack.
There are also hangers for children's, women's, and men's clothing. You can choose from two tree species: maple and walnut.

Is it difficult to assemble a dress rack?
It takes about 10 to 20 minutes while looking at the assembly instructions!

Dress racks, dress racks (wide) and dress racks (small) that can be used by replacing only parts in case of failure are all assembled. Because it has a simple structure, it can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes as early as 1-2 adults. Since it is packed and delivered in a compact size, you can unpack it when it arrives, assemble it happily using the included tools, and use it immediately.

* All prices are exclusive of tax

2020 thorough commentary! Cosine's Long & Best Selling [Dress Rack]

2020 thorough commentary! Cosine's Long & Best Selling [Dress Rack]

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