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Management of living space and ON / OFF time is comfortable Essential Kaname ..

Not only when I come to work in the office but also work outside the office, such as at home, the number of people who want to live comfortably and comfortably is to manage the space and turn it on and off. It is important to take the time properly.
If I can't distinguish between the two, I can't seem to be working or studying for a long time, or I can't concentrate on my work or study ... And being able to concentrate and do nothing seems to be a great stress. That doesn't mean that a day will be longer or the house will be bigger, so I would like to be able to distinguish well in a limited space. Therefore, we will introduce items that can help you to comfortably divide your living space easily and conveniently! # Let's spend time at home, make Stay Home comfortable!

Solve by separating!
Combi rack + optional clips and your favorite cloth comfortably separate time and space

Combi racks such as "cloth girders", which have been around since ancient times in Japan, can be used not only to hang clothes, but also to put on your favorite cloth and use them as partitions.
Bars of different heights reduce pressure when hanging clothes and as a partition. When you use it as a partition, the impression changes depending on the cloth you hang it on, so it's easy to change depending on the season and mood.

Cosine staff uses commercially available clips and S-hooks to hang the cute illustrated cloth on the upper bar and the lower bar with a clothes brush and shopping bag.
I also use it to hide the background when I hold a teleconference during telework this time.
By dividing the space like this, it is recommended not only to block people's eyes but also to surround your work area to create a space where you can concentrate.
In the OFF time when you want to relax, it will of course be useful as a partition to keep your work out of sight, so it seems that you can properly divide the ON time and the OFF time.

The optional clip is useful when using the Combi Rack as a partition.
By hanging the cloth on the bar at the top and fixing it under the cloth as well, the weight is added and the cloth can be stretched beautifully. If you use it as a partition, we recommend using it as a set.
The optional clip has a magnet embedded inside, so clamp it from the front and back of the cloth. We will deliver it in two sets so that you can use it up and down.

If it is a wagon shelf with casters,
Easily move to the place you want to use, even when separating spaces!

A wagon shelf that can be neatly organized and neatly stored by storing various things such as work necessary items, daily wearable items, favorite books, school study tools according to the height and depth of the shelf. It is perfect for living and living at home.
Since you can hang your favorite cloth on the top bar part, you can use it as a partition between the work space and the relaxing space, so use it like a partition between the ON / OFF spaces, like the Combi Rack. An excellent thing that can be done.

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A comfortable Stay Home by distinguishing the ON / OFF space! # Let's spend time at home

A comfortable Stay Home by distinguishing the ON / OFF space! # Let's spend time at home

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