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If you are uncertain about the choice of furniture in the spring, when your new life begins, let's organize the conditions for "comfortable living" in our home!

In the spring, there are more opportunities to choose furniture, walking around every weekend to find furniture, searching on the Internet, and having fun but not knowing what's good. In such a case, what is "comfortable living" for my home? By discussing with the whole family, conditions and hopes that can never be yielded come out. By organizing the conditions, it seems that a comfortable life like my home can be seen.
April 10 is the time when new life begins, and it is considered a day to think about interiors, as the tenth and the "living" sound on the 10th have the same sound. Please take this opportunity to consider the absolute conditions of choosing an interior for your home with the whole family!

Asahikawa Furniture where you can find furniture that combines functionality, quality, and high design as furniture tools.

The Kamikawa region, including Asahikawa, has abundant forests and a thriving wood industry. Among them, furniture made by furniture manufacturers in Asahikawa and neighboring areas is called Asahikawa Furniture .
Furniture craftsmen emigrated to Asahikawa when the 7th Division moved to Asahikawa in the Meiji era and started making furniture.From 1990, the `` International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa (IFDA) '' was held, and better with design. Aiming at manufacturing, furniture is still being actively made.
Since its founding in 1988, Cosine has been working as a member of Asahikawa Furniture, focusing on comfort and design. Introducing special living tools from the cosine items.

Asahikawa furniture

"Living shelf" that achieves flexible usability by suppressing it to a minimal design

Living room shelf with Cosine's minimal design is recommended for those who are looking for a simple and oppressive living storage.
With no drawers or doors, the living shelf is flexible and easy to use, yet has a storage capacity but is light in weight.
Even if arranged side by side with a TV board of the same design, it will be a living room storage with a sense of unity while keeping the light impression.
It can be stored in a free layout as a shelf to store only what the family needs. It is also recommended that you use an optional bookend or multi-tray together.
Just by arranging your favorite books and magazines and storing small items in your favorite patterned box, the personality of the family appears because the design is minimal.
It is a "family shelf" that you want to use freely in your life.

Living shelf

Design, comfort and
A side table that makes you want to use it for a long time

If you're looking for something more relaxing and enriching your life, Cosine's side tables are for you.
The side table that draws close to the hand is an item that you want to be particular about the touch because it is used not only in the design but also in the size that is appropriate for the usage, and because it is always used in a familiar place.
Each cosine item is hand-finished by the studio staff, so it boasts a smooth and gentle feel when held by hand. The products that you pull by hand each time you use it like a side table can be a bit rich and relaxing by choosing a product that feels healing.

Cosine side table

Hail-knit, five-piece set, hikikomi-knot stool, table, tray

There are various methods used to join woods since ancient times. In the field of wooden construction, there is a method of joining without using nails, etc., which is a technology unique to Japan. In the case of furniture and fittings, adhesives may be used to increase strength.
Some Cosine products are beautifully and firmly joined using traditional techniques. This item is recommended for those seeking a little personality in their lives.

Nest table, nest stool, tray

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Absolute conditions for choosing the interior of our home

Absolute conditions for choosing the interior of our home

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