# Let's spend time at home: child rearing, learning, company work, home work, and the whole family has fun at home!

All things that were scattered across the company or school, such as work and learning, are concentrated in your home! Even if you have a lot of trouble, it will be more fun and comfortable depending on your device! !!

While worrying about the physical condition of the family, you can combine unfamiliar telework and housework, study at home and play, unlike when you are in a company or school other than your home There are more things to do and the whole family may have various troubles.
Even though I have more time to spend with my family, it is no longer stressful for work, learning, and of course child rearing and housework due to the environment! Let's practice "# Let's spend time at home" in a fun and comfortable way while devising a different way to spend! Telework, learning at home, and above all, we will introduce living tools for families to spend at home comfortably!

Living tools for a "focused" environment that is important for both work and learning

"I can't concentrate" when I try to do what I usually do at a company, school, kindergarten, etc. in a place where I can concentrate on what I need to do and what I want to do.
It will be stressful that the work can not be done easily, such as being unable to put the necessary tools and materials, being concerned about the surroundings. The fit work table can be used next to your desk as an extension, so it is perfect for setting up your work environment.

Beans stool, fit work table, bookend, bookstand, picture frame, MUKU watch, oval lamp
Lamp stand, coitti desk, chair, shelf, wagon

In addition, coitti has a desk and a wagon side by side, providing a spacious work and study space. You can adjust the height of the desk, chair, and wagon of the coitti according to the user, and casters can be attached to everything, including the shelf, so it is convenient to stand and sit, and it is easy to change places It is easy to set up an environment where you can concentrate, so it is recommended for both work and learning.

coitti wagon, coitti shelf, coitti stool, coitti chair, coitti wagon, good design award

A work desk where you can concentrate on your favorite posture can be used in standing, chair and floor seats!

The work desk is an excellent one that can be used by standing on a chair, sitting on the floor, or sitting on the floor at a height that makes it easy to use by adjusting the shelves and tops at a 6 cm pitch. With a size and simple design that fits nicely in the living room, it is popular not only as a learning desk but also as an adult work desk. It is a recommended desk where you can concentrate on your favorite posture.

Work desk, study desk, work desk, children's, adults', height adjustment

I love drawing! Concentrated item for children. A full-scale drawing shelf is perfect.

For young children who are not in school, we recommend the drawing shelf where you can concentrate and enjoy drawing. The authentic appearance like an easel is very popular with children who love drawing. The paper can be used by attaching a dedicated roll of 20 m or sticking drawing paper on the drawing board. After the age of drawing, you can remove the drawing board and use it as a clothes rack.
Let's create a place that can focus on small children with the right size minis chair and set!

Drawing shelf, drawing, easel, children, children's room, drawing roll paper

Take a short break and relax by changing your line of sight A nap sofa with a low sitting surface and Liite

Once both adults and children have carefully concentrated, I would like to enrich the time to relax slowly. The cosine nap sofa has a slightly lower seating surface and a simple design with no backrest, so you can relax and relax by sitting and lying down. Adults and children will take a nap with a soft cushion made by a futon shop in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The nice thing about the nap sofa is that it's easy to clean. The lower seat is a horizontal plate, so you can use it like a table.

Nap sofa, break, lie down, sofa, like bed, Scandinavian, table, utilization, lifelong

One of the features of the living room and dining room is that you can relax like a sofa with a sitting surface that is lower than a typical dining chair.
The Liite Chaise Long can be placed around the table along with the sofa to throw your feet and relax.
It leans against the beautiful back spokes and throws your feet out to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Liite Sofa, Chaise Long, Dining, Living Study, Work At Home, Family,
Liite, sofa, table, bench, lamp stand, stand lamp, coitti desk, wagon, chair

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All the whole family has fun at home! # Let's spend time at home

All the whole family has fun at home! # Let's spend time at home

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