Choose furniture according to the family structure and the size of the room, and create an easy-to-use, comfortable room for the whole family

When you start a new life, you want to look for dwelling and furniture, of course. There are a lot of troubles, such as how large a table or sofa is good for a living-dining where the whole family can really relax. And the room where the family which tends to become a lot of things gather needs the device also in the storage method.
We introduce living tools that can be used to make living and dining of cosines comfortable and comfortable, which can be used compactly without disturbing the flow line, and give a feeling of liberation to the room with a simple and clean impression. You

Even if the boundaries between "place to relax", "place to eat" and "place to work" are properly set,
Clean and compact layout
Living with a plat sofa

In the case of a layout where living and dining are divided properly, the arrangement of living furniture changes the impression greatly.
When laid out in L-shape, dead space is difficult to make and the room feels large. If you want to distinguish the space more, just change the orientation of the L-shaped layout, as shown in the picture below. Even if space with different roles is connected to one, you can spend while creating a gentle border.

Hard to sink

Cosine's platform is compact and easy to use. There is ample depth, so you can sit in a sitting area.
A seat that does not sink too much is the secret of ease of use.
By using it in combination with the ottoman, you can lie down or sit side by side with the whole family.

There are many ways to use an ottoman depending on the layout, such as sitting on the front with legs extended.

Living and dining with platform and sofa table

The platform seat is a spacious impression because it has no arm rest and low back.
There is a space for people to pass around, and even if you put the center table and the TV board together, it can be installed in a space of about 5 tatami.

I want to use it for relaxing time Side table

If you often sit on the side of the sofa, it is recommended that you use a side table that can be pulled and used together. It also plays an active role as a sub-table when people gather at home parties etc.
The trico side table has a gentle triangle, so you can draw it at an easy-to-use angle.
The tray table, which combines the functions of a tray and a side table, can be used as a side table in the living room, and as a wagon or support table in the dining room and kitchen. Tray size is size that four cups and saucers fit. In addition, it can be stored compactly because the tray is placed on the collapsible legs. Tray Table tray is reversible with melamine and veneer. It is safe to use the melamine side when putting something wet. The color of melamine is white in maple and pale gray in walnut.

Tricho side table
Tricho side table
TA-11 NM
Tray table
Tray table
TA-14 NM
Dining around with family, friends and everyone

A loose oval Dunn table with a large dining chair and bench. Whether you're eating with your family or relaxing in your living room, it's a dining coordination with a sense of softness and a sense of cleanliness.
The dining chair and bench have a simple design that takes advantage of the round bar common to the plat sofa and the living shelf.
You will feel involuntarily in a casual form that can only be processed with solid materials such as round legs and cut backs of dining chairs.

Dun Run Table
Dun Run Table 140

Dun Run Table 140 [Maple]


The Dun Run Table 145 is a gentle oval with no corners, just the right size to take care of the family's sense of distance.

Dun Run Table 140
Dun Run Table 95
Dun Run Table 95

Dun Run Table 95 [Maple]


Dun Run Table 95

Dun Run Table 95 is attractive in the middle of the rounded square and round corners. It is a good size that values the family's sense of distance.

Relaxed shape, chair, bench, stool of touch
Volk chair bench

You can choose from a total of 36 colors according to the atmosphere of the room from the three kinds of Volk chair where the backrest is curved along the Dunn table and the Volk bench where two adults can sit comfortably.
A chair, bench, and stool with a gentle atmosphere that matches well with a loose-shaped Dunn table.
The stool can be used as an additional seat for visitors, and can be stacked and stored compactly when not in use.

Fork chair

Volk Chair [Maple]

CD-01 NM
Volk bench

Volk bench [Maple]

CD-03 NM

Volkstool [Maple]

CD-04 NM
According to the family, according to the house, a combination that can be selected.
Dun Run Table 140 Dining

You can use it to suit the family surrounding the dining table, to suit the layout of the dining room, or use a combination of tables and two chairs and benches in any size.
You can use a small children's chair together or in combination with a stool.

※ The distance between Dan Run The Tab 95 is 55.5 cm, and the distance between the short legs of Dun Run Table 145 is 47.5 cm.

Play, learning, work, hobbies "Liite" where versatile margins are created in living dining
Liite's Living Dining

Living in the center of the house is changing from a relaxing place with a TV center to a versatile place where families spend their time. By integrating living and dining, "Liite" creates a space in the living space, creating a versatile space such as a children's playground and a parent's work space.

As a dining table, you can set meals and work lightly, of course, and set the height of the table and seat to a lower position so that you can take a relaxed posture, and let your legs extend with the arm of a shave as a relaxing space. I also value the elements. Also, the continuous spokes on the back give the space a lightness and rhythm with a gap.
The series name "Liite" is a word with the meaning of "fence" in Finnish.

Living dining to celebrate the various ways of living of the family

From families taking care of children to senior generations who want to enjoy their hobbies, rich life can be expanded by using the margins produced by “Liite” along with various life stages. Living dining, which offers a variety of ways of life for the family, begins with a life with Liite.

Play space
Play space
When children are small, it is a spacious play space
Study space
Study space
When you go to elementary school, it's a learning space in your living room
Work space
Work space
For working space where you can read and write
Liite installation space



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