Comfortable work place at home with a compact desk!

Because "work" becomes more common in "house"
From now on, let's prepare an environment where you can work comfortably at home!

With the spread of a series of new coronavirus infections, telework and remote work have rapidly become widespread, increasing opportunities to work from home. For a limited time, such as one day, a few days, or this week, I can work at a dining table or manage to overcome some inconvenient places, but from now on, working from home is rather normal as a new way of working. It seems to be going on.
In that case, I would like to prepare the work environment at home so that I can work comfortably. Even if it's not a spacious study, if you have a compact living tool that can comfortably arrange your work environment, you can make your workplace more comfortable! If you prepare your work environment at home with your favorite living tools that are comfortable to the touch, you will surely enjoy working at home and will be able to concentrate on it!

Work at home. What is the optimal desk size?
If you mainly work on a PC, a compact desk is enough.

The size of a general office desk is 120 cm wide and 70 cm deep. In the office, I put a file box and a landline phone on the desk, so it feels like the right size, but it's a fairly large desk to install in the house, and it's hard to make room for it. However, the space actually required for work is about 60 cm to 80 cm wide and 40 cm to 60 cm deep. In your home work space, where you don't have a file box or landline, it's likely that you'll be able to work well in a more compact size than your office desk.

The Cosine Fit Work Desk is a very compact size with a width of 85 cm and a depth of 45 cm, but it is enough space for work centered on PC work.

In the case of a coitti desk, the width is 82 cm and the depth is 52.5 cm, so you can feel a little space in the depth.

In the case of a work desk, the width and depth are quite close to the size of an office desk, making it a spacious work space.

Work tools and documents are stored separately from those at home for easy access!
It is recommended that the storage for work is something that can be moved quickly and easily.

It is desirable to be able to manage work tools and documents in a way that distinguishes them from those at home, but storage such as a bookshelf takes up space and cannot always be placed near a work desk.
A compact storage shelf with casters that is easy to move is useful in such cases.
The wagon shelf seems to be able to store all the work tools. If you don't have many tools and materials, we also recommend a tray table. Both are equipped with casters, so you can use them flexibly, such as by the desk during work and quickly moving to an unobtrusive place after work.

If you can fit your work tools in a smaller space, we also recommend the multi-tray.
The multi-tray can fit in A4 size with plenty of space, so if you put all your tablets, notebooks, writing utensils, etc. in the multi-tray and put them on a shelf, you can organize everything you need for work neatly.


Comfortable work place at home with a compact desk!

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