Cosine spring gift

A "gift" that I'm always happy to receive
We have prepared wooden accessories that are perfect for gifts!

At Cosine, we have wooden clocks, trays, bookends, pots, and other small items that are perfect for gifts. Depending on the product, an anniversary or name can be engraved with a laser, so you can prepare a special gift for your loved one.
We also accept various wrappings, so when considering a gift, let's convey your daily feelings with a cosine tree accessory!

Popular for gifts and home use "Shoehorn and stand set" with easy-to-use lengths to choose from

For cosine shoehorns, we have prepared a "shoehorn (S)" that is just right for sitting and using a "shoehorn (L)" that is just right for standing. The length is selected according to the situation such as the entrance you use, and it is often selected as a gift as well as for home use. The handle is thick so it's easy to grip, and the spatula isn't too big, so it's easy to put on your shoes, which is useful.
It is often purchased as a set, but you can also purchase only the shoehorn and give it as a gift. The shoehorn has a strap so you can hang it up and store it, or you can insert it into a special stand and store it. The stand, which features a round shape, is heavy and plays the role of a stand.

"It's a hanger with a name!"
I was surprised to receive a petite surprise

With cosine, you can also put your name on the hanger. Children's hangers can be engraved with "Kenta Seifuku" as uniform hangers.
The size of the hanger differs depending on the size of the clothes, such as for women, men and children, so please choose the size you need. If you give a hanger with the name of the recipient engraved on it, you will surely be pleased that it is a hanger with a name on it!

Give a special tray because it's something you use often

You can also put your name on the back of the trays (large) and (small) that we handle. Why don't you give a special tray with your name and anniversary engraved on it because it is something you often use to carry meals, tea, light meals, and snacks? You can choose from two sizes and two tree species to suit your taste. The small tray is a size that is easy to use for serving tea, light meals, and snacks, and the large tray is a size that is easy to use for carrying meals for one person.

Bookends and desk organizers with wooden accessories for a natural look

Bookends are recommended for those who are looking for something to stand on. If you like books, this is the product you want to give as your first choice. The thickness of the wood is 2.8 cm, so you can feel the texture of the wood and you can also use it as a spacer for books.
The desk organizer is fashionable when used together. It's a great way to organize your books at the bookend and use them on your favorite desk to organize your small items. It can be used for pen trays, clip holders, stands for postcards and cards, stamps and pen stands, etc.
It is a combination that will be very pleased even if you give it according to the purpose or give it as a set.

Wooden clocks that are always nice to have MUKU clocks (small) and mine clocks (small) with a strong presence

The MUKU watch (small), which is thick and heavy even with a small watch, is a popular item for gifts and souvenirs. Many people buy it because they want it for themselves when they give it as a gift. The square and simple shape fits anywhere. The large overlapping numbers are exquisite, and it is a watch that you will love regardless of generation.
Mine watch (small) is a simple watch with an impressive wavy design. Due to its shape and simplicity, it has a strong presence while being familiar with the space. The lean design makes it an attractive watch that can be used for a long time regardless of fashion.

Gift Limited Edition

Cosine spring gift

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Mine clock (small)

  • 8,800円
  • mc100mw

Thick solid wood carved into a wavy shape The th...

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Shoehorn (S) and stand set

  • 18,150円
  • sh0204nmwdset

The beauty of standing and the warmth of the touch...

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Hanger (for men)

  • 3,300円
  • op05nmw

Beautiful hanger made of solid wood A slightly l...

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Hanger (for women)

  • 3,080円
  • op04nmw

Beautiful hanger made of solid wood A slightly l...

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Hanger (for children)

  • 2,750円
  • op03nmw

Beautiful hanger made of solid wood A slightly l...

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Desk organizer

  • 6,050円
  • ec10nm

Cleans up small items around your desk A desk or...

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Book end

  • 3,300円
  • ec22

Bookend to enjoy solid wood A solid and sturdy b...

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Tray (small)

  • 5,500円
  • tw01cmw

Just the right size to serve It is a simple wood...

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Set of shoehorn (L) and stand

  • 20,350円
  • sh0104nmwdset

Beauty of standing, warmth of texture It is a se...

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Insert name

  • 1,320円
  • naire

Named order, only one wooden gift in the world Y...

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Large tray

  • 7,700円
  • tw02cmw

It's about the size of a placemat and feels l...

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MUKU watch (small)

  • 11,000円
  • cw08cmwn

Unique clock with plenty of wood texture A uniqu...

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One gift in the world
【 Insert name 】
If you wish to enter your name, please select the size and typeface and order it together with the product.
A size tax included 1,320 yen / B size tax included 1,650 yen



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