The cosine staff will actually experience it! Cosine item that is very active in telework

The staff of Cosine Aoyama actually teleworked and realized!
This "3" item is by far the most useful item!

The staff of Cosine Aoyama, a directly managed store of Cosine, is shifting the work of some staff to telework to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
It was reported that the three items of Cosine's trico center table, tray table, and nap sofa are playing an important role while the staff, who mainly do a lot of office work, are teleworking, so I would like to introduce them!
Unlike an office where the work environment is good, working from home has various inconveniences, but if it is an item that helps, telework will surely be a little more comfortable!

Trico center table, tray table, nap sofa, cosine Aoyama, telework, work from home

Too small for work ... misunderstanding!
Trico center table that can be moved and is useful for PC work

The Trico Center Table, which is usually used as a center table in front of the sofa. It is useful because it has a gentle triangle and does not interfere with the lifeline.
In this telework, as a result of wondering where to work, I decided to work in my room instead of the living room. When it came to a table that could be easily moved, the Trico Center table was the choice, so bring the Trico Center table to your room and start working!
I thought it was too small for work, but when I opened up my PC, the top plate was large enough!
You can comfortably telework with the longest side of the triangle facing you.

Platform sofa, trico center table, book stand, living room, dining room, teleworking, home work, living room work, work desk, table, dining table, living table

State of telework, cosine Aoyama, staff, experience story, true story, actual experience, work desk, computer work, desk work, living work, remote work, home work, dining table, living table
Trico center table, center table, telework, work desk, triangle, desk, living table, dining table, living wire, solid wood, simple, Scandinavian

This table features a triangular top plate with gently curved triangles without corners.
The gentle shape of the gentle triangle does not obstruct the flow line and fits gently into the living space.
The trico table, which plays an active role in the center of the living room where the family can relax, can be used in the living room by combining the center table and the side table.
The gentle triangle does not interfere with the living lead and can be used flexibly in the living room.

Don't leave work tools on the telework dining table, which is difficult to switch on and off
During the OFF time, work tools are quickly moved on the tray table!

Telework started in a hurry. Start work at the dining table naturally! The dining table is large and the work is smooth and comfortable, but the problem is when it's off. It's difficult to switch telework on and off, so it's like working all the time. I was thinking about the OFF time by trial and error while pushing the work tools to the corner of the dining table, but when the work tools came into view, I just went into work mode and eventually there was no OFF time. ..
So, put a set of work tools on the tray table that you usually use like a night table next to your bed, and move them all together in an invisible place during the OFF time! You can now switch ON / OFF!

It is a table that can be used as a side table or a wagon with two trays set.
The tray is reversible with melamine and veneer, and of course you can remove it and use it like a tray. You can store it compactly by removing the tray and folding the legs.
Cosine Aoyama, staff, real experience, true story, tray table, experience story, computer work, desk work, on / off, switching, sharpness, tray, reversible, wagon, mobile, mobile desk, work desk, bedside, side table

Cosine Aoyama, staff, real experience, true story, tray table, experience story, computer work, desk work, on / off, switching, sharpness, tray, reversible, wagon, mobile, mobile desk, work desk, bedside, side table

Use a nap sofa as a table to spread out the documents and work
Relaxed telework in a large work space

When I have to spread out my PC and documents to work, the dining table is also a shared space for my family, so I often shrink the work area and clean up, even if there is enough space, I can concentrate on my work. It's hard to do.
So, lay a cushion on the nap sofa on the floor and use the nap sofa as a table to start work! It's a place for my family to sit down, so I have to clean it up when I'm done, but I was able to concentrate on my work, which is incomparable to a dining table! And since the top plate (usually the seating surface) is wide enough, you can spread A2 size materials and work comfortably.

Nap sofa, solid wood, break, rest
Nap sofa, cosine Aoyama, telework, real experience, true story, testimonial, ongoing, spacious desk, spacious, desk work, drawing, learning, self-study, home study, computer work, just right, fashionable, large space, work area , Work desk, on / off, switching, working from home

The low seating surface is just right for relaxing and is high enough for your child to sit down.
This sofa is perfect for relaxing with your pet while reading a book.
A sofa where you can spend a comfortable time alone or with someone. And, please enjoy a nap to your heart's content in a comfortable and spacious space.
You can enjoy your time even more slowly with the fluffy cushions made by hand in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

* All listed prices do not include tax.

Cosine staff actually experience! Cosine items that are making a big difference in telework

Cosine staff actually experience! Cosine items that are making a big difference in telework

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