Easy maintenance How to care for yourself

How are your wood products and watches that you have been using for a long time?
Introducing the care methods that you can do at home!

90% of cosine products are oil-finished products. Items that you use carefully may become dirty or have small scratches over time, and in winter they may dry out due to heating. Now that it is getting warmer, oil maintenance will remove light stains and you will be able to use it comfortably while maintaining its beauty and luster. Also, if you notice any damage or cracks during oil maintenance, you can repair or replace parts, so please feel free to contact us.
Also, if you are using a cosine watch, do you have a watch whose time has been delayed with the number of years of use, or which has been dropped and broken during cleaning? It can be repaired, so please contact us if it does not work even if you change the battery.

Click here for how to care for wood products Click here if you have any problems with your watch or damage

Assembled living utensils may come loose while using the parts that were initially tightened.
You can use it for a long time by tightening it a little when you notice it. Assembled For products with a hex wrench, use a hex wrench to retighten.

Assembled Loose legs are dangerous for stools. Turn it over on a rug or soft cloth and retighten the legs.

Oil maintenance method

There are two types of painting of cosine living tools.
Please check the paint before performing oil maintenance.

Oil-finished product example

Items that are touched and used daily, such as dress racks, stools, and shoehorns, are finished with oil.

Urethane coating product example

Items that hang on the wall or come into contact with water, such as wall clocks and racks on which damp items can be hung, are finished with urethane coating.

If you don't know whether it is oil-finished or urethane-painted, check the specifications!

Care set, Osmo color

If your favorite cosine product is oil-finished, oil maintenance can be easily performed with a "care set" every six months to one year.
* Estimated usage: One maintenance set can maintain 1.5 dress racks.

Just prepare a "care set" and a "cloth"
Easy oil maintenance

A polishing sheet and oil are included in the "care set", so you can perform oil maintenance immediately by simply preparing a cloth. Oil maintenance can be completed in 3 easy steps.

step 1

Quickly remove dirt and dust from the surface and lightly polish along the grain with the polishing sheet of the "care set". After polishing, moisten it with water and squeeze it tightly to wipe off the powder.

step 1

Step 2

When the water on the surface dries, shake the can well, take the oil on a cloth, and spread it thinly so that it is applied along the grain of wood.

Step 2

Step 3

Wipe lightly with a dry cloth and let it dry for about half a day while ventilating.
It will become more glossy and lively!

Step 3

※Please be careful※
Soak the oil-soaked cloth in water before discarding it.
If left as it is, it may ignite spontaneously.

If you find loose screw holes or cracks due to drying during oil maintenance, you can purchase repair or replacement parts.
If you let us know the product name and which part is damaged, we can inform you about the cost required for repair and the price of parts. If possible, please attach a photo so that we can guide you more smoothly. Please contact us from the following.
Depending on the environment in which you use it, the movement may malfunction in about 8 to 10 years. If you experience symptoms such as the clock not working properly even if you change to a new battery, you need to repair it. Please contact us from the following with the part number and status starting with "CW" and "MC". We will inform you about details such as the approximate estimated amount.
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Easy maintenance How to care for yourself

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