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Optional tray

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Optional tray
Optional tray
Optional tray
Optional tray
Optional tray
Optional tray
Optional tray Optional tray Optional tray Optional tray Optional tray Optional tray

With a dress rack,
"Show me, I'll end up"

An optional tray that can be used by placing it on the two horizontal bars at the bottom of the dress rack. There is a recess on the back side of the tray so that the horizontal bar can fit tightly. A tray designed for dress racks, so it's stable and functional. The empty space under the dress rack with clothes can be effectively used as a bag or a place for storing small items.
There are many voices saying that the room can be put together in one place and the room has been completely cleaned up. In addition, since it is a tray that has been carefully made, some people use the tray to organize their small items and prepare their own staying set.
One dress rack and two optional trays can be placed on the dress rack (wide).

*Possible to prepare for cherry blossoms and oak. However, tree species other than maple and walnut are often not in stock because they are not normally produced. Therefore, please note that it may take some time before delivery. If you are considering, please contact us in advance.


Do not handle roughly. It may reduce safety. Do not put an excessive heavy object that may cause damage. As it is dangerous, do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.

[Product specifications]
Item Number OP-07NM (Maple)/OP-07NW (Walnut)
Product name Option tray
Material/Paint Maple Walnut/oil finish
size Width 44.5 x depth 39.8 x height 5.7 cm
weight 1.2 kg
Load capacity -
packing cardboard
Remarks One can be installed on the dress rack and small dress rack, and two can be installed on the dress rack (wide).
instruction manual

[About painting]

For oil-finished products
An oil based on natural vegetable oils that maintains the texture of wood. Maintenance can be easily done by overcoating with oil. Do not hang wet items directly as it may cause stains. If it gets wet, wipe it off immediately. If you squeeze it well, you can wipe it with water.
For urethane coated products
The film is made on the surface of the wood, so it is a paint that does not easily get scratches or stains. For normal maintenance, just wipe the dust off. When it is extremely dirty, clean it with a cloth dampened with diluted soap and water, wipe off the detergent with a well wrung cloth, then wipe with a soft cloth.

*For the product coating, please refer to the "species/painting" column on the product detail page [Product specifications].

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