I want to give it to me! Reward item

A year of working harder than ever.
A reward that heals me who worked hard!

A completely different year is about to pass, whether it's work, housework, or raising children. I'm still struggling every day, but why don't you give yourself a reward that will heal you? First of all, being physically and mentally healthy is the basis for working, doing household chores, and raising children!
Give yourself a wooden reward item that will heal you first, for yourself, and for your family, partners, friends, and friends!

Take a break, hobbies, and work in your own space, and concentrate on your time!

It doesn't matter if you take a break, your hobbies or work time is short, so if you can concentrate on your own time, can you switch your mind and do various things smoothly? By having a compact space where you can concentrate on your own at home, it seems that you can create a routine that says, "If you come here, concentrate on your own time."
Even if you don't have a spacious room for yourself, you can concentrate on your time while keeping a distance from your family by creating a space where you can concentrate on the shared space of your family. To create such a space, we recommend a compact drawer desk and fit work table.

Get ready before you go out in your own space!

Even if you don't spend a lot of time fashionably, just wearing your favorite clothes will make you feel better. If you wear your favorite clothes and check your appearance in your own dressing space, you can change your feelings smoothly when you go out. And it seems that it will lead to shortening the time to get ready by putting it together in a compact space.
All you need is a cosine long and best-selling dress rack and a carry mirror, and you've got a dressing space that will make you feel better. Choose the one with the perfect storage capacity from the dress rack and dress rack (wide) according to the amount of clothes and small items such as bags you want to store, and set up a nice dressing space!

The ultimate healing item. My own nap space Live the best healing with a nap sofa!

It's a nap sofa where you can relax alone or with two people, but why not put it in your favorite place at home and create a "private" nap space to be healed to the highest level?
In your favorite place, read a book with your favorite tea, take a nap quietly, invite your family, partners and friends to the space and talk slowly. Just put a nap sofa in your favorite place and you will have a very luxurious healing time.
When you take a nap, you can lie down slowly so that you can wrap it in a soft cushion, and when you read a book, have a cup of tea, or have a conversation, you can use the cushion on one side for a variety of healing times. Please spend!

Incorporate healing into small things around you,
A life that heals every time you see or touch!

Small healing items such as small table clocks and small items around the desk are also recommended items as a reward for yourself. Every time I look at the warmth of wood, such as a small clock that I put on my desk or shelf, a frame that decorates photos of my favorite memories, a desk organizer that holds pens, clips, memos, etc. It is also recommended to gradually increase the number of small items that heal each time you use them. Let's give it as a small gift to yourself on the day when something good for you or the day you worked hard!


I want to give it to me! Reward item

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Dress rack

  • 27,000円
  • DR-270MWNSCB

Popular for over 25 years. Best-selling ability ...

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Drawer desk

  • 70,000円
  • TA-16NMW

For dressers, console tables, work desks Compact...

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MUKU watch (small)

  • 10,000円
  • cw08cmwn

Unique clock with plenty of wood texture A uniqu...

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[Direct management limited ite...

  • 4,000円
  • ec07

In this special scene A photo stand that can be ...

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Carry mirror

  • 32,000円
  • ms03nmw

Feel free to carry
Slim stand mirror As the na...

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Beans stool

  • 30,000円
  • st05nm

A charming, chubby leg stool As its name suggest...

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  • 37,000円
  • cd04nmw

Relieved softness. Dignified beauty A stool with...

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Volkstool [Hariji: KH]

  • 45,000円
  • cd04nmwkh

Relieved softness. Dignified beauty A stool with...

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Fit work table

  • 97,000円
  • td06nmw

Work table that can be used with the fit table Wit...

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Dress rack (wide)

  • 29,000円
  • dr270w

Popular for over 25 years. Best-selling ability ...

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Nap sofa

  • 83,000円
  • so12nmd

Living near the floor that Japanese people like ...

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Nap sofa (set of body + exclus...

  • 102,000円
  • so12nmdset

Living close to the floor that Japanese people lik...

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Book end

  • 3,000円
  • ec22

Bookend to enjoy solid wood A solid and sturdy b...

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Desk organizer

  • 5,500円
  • ec10nm

Cleans up small items around your desk A desk or...

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[Directly-managed limited edit...

  • 2,000円
  • ec11

A wooden potbed where you can enjoy four types of...

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[Direct management limited ite...

  • 500円
  • ec02

Peaceful woodcut There is a technique called &qu...

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Fit Work Table & Folk Chai...

  • 143,000円
  • cd01nmw-1

Fit work table and work desk are recommended for ...

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