Enjoy "Family Time" for parents and children while at home!

Now that more time is spent at home, children, in particular, are unable to go to school or play as before. But for small children, they have a lot of time to spend with their favorite father and mother. So why don't you enjoy your time so that you can spend a lot of time at home, like a parent and child, as an important time? It is also important for schools and kindergartens to practice dietary readings and to actively assist them in dietary education during the holidays to develop a sense of time.
I was surprised by the positive attitude of helping with rice, I was not good at it, I noticed that my favorite color changed while playing, my favorite toys increased ... I notice small changes just now You may.
Introducing items that will enhance the "spa time" that parents and children spend!

Recommended cosine items to have a good time in the kitchen!

Even if I want to help my mom, it is hard to reach my sink. Even if a chair or box is used as a stepping stone, it is high or low. At that time, cosine nest stool.
Since it is a set of three large, medium and small, you can use it like a stair by arranging it with steps. It's solid, heavy and strong, so you don't have to worry about it falling over. Of course, adults can ride on it! It can also be used as a springboard for picking dishes and utensils on high shelves. For everyday use, it can be used as a small bookshelf or as a small accessory for decoration. You can use it for a long time as a convenient fashionable item.

A tray table with casters assists this work

If there are various things in the sink, it will be a little narrower with children. But it is difficult to secure a place. At that time, the cosine tray table can be moved easily with casters, so you can put anything you need for cooking and move it near your mother.
The work space around the sink can be secured accordingly, so cooking with children will not be a problem.
The tray table is moved according to the movements of the mother and the child, and since there is no height, you can quickly get what you need. Since the tray can be removed, you can also carry the finished dishes and sweets and carry it as it is. One side is made of melamine resin and you can place it without worrying about things wet with water, and you can fold it compactly after removing the upper and lower trays, so it is easy to clean up.

After cooking, today's fun time is "Oyako time"
The magic that makes ordinary rice delicious

Even for children, the special time that "I was able to help" is important, and the finished dishes are set on the tray! Since it is finished with a urethane coating that is resistant to water, it can be used with children without worrying about it. The cosine tray comes in two tree species, maple and walnut, and comes in both large and small sizes. At mealtime, the voice "I made it!"

A recommended cosine item to spend a fun time playing in the room or studying!

The height of the cosine work desk is adjustable, so you can use it as your child grows, or you can sit on the floor and adjust the height to suit your child's study or drawing.
A mother plays with the child playing, writes a household account book, and sewes. Children will tell their moms and dads who are near Suzuzazu soba that they have fun and interesting things.
The smart design makes it ideal for watching and staying in the living room. At Cosine, some employees use it as a work desk.

The "Children's Clock" that is perfect for teaching how to read a clock that regains the feeling of time that tends to be disturbed by a long vacation

You don't have a timetable as you do at school when you are at home.
Would you like to use a clock that is easy for children to understand in order to help them develop a regular life?
The cosine child clock is printed with an amber “minute” display. If you read the green number pointed by the green needle and the red number pointed by the white needle, you can easily tell "what time is it?" It may be possible for the children to manage the day's schedule by saying, "Tell me when it is 10:10."

If you're tired of playing, take a break until a snack at 3 o'clock.
Let's take a nap.
Sleep comfortably with a cotton blanket to prevent sweat from getting cold.
After all, such a time is a special time.
Children grow up quickly, but they often miss work and housework.
For children, now is the time when I want to feel the warmth of my mother. It will be a very important "boy's time" for children and mothers.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

June Enjoying a pleasant and comfortable time at home

June Enjoying a pleasant and comfortable time at home

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