Let's make a simple and fashionable living room

Further upgrade of the living room where you can relax in the morning, noon, and night

Why don't you spend time with your family before going to work or school, taking a break after doing housework, returning from work or school, or upgrade your living room where you can relax at any time? You can renew the sofas and tables, change the shelves and TV boards, and change the atmosphere so that you can spend more time at home and make your relaxing space more comfortable.

"Storage" that you want to stick to because it is a living room
For storage to show on a living shelf or TV board

Living rooms that families spend tend to have more things naturally. Have you ever felt disappointed that the more things you have, the more life you feel and the more you want to have a neat and stylish living room? In such a case, after organizing what you need and what you don't need, make good use of the multi-tray, accessory case, and the figurines and decorations in your house to make it a "show storage".
Placing MY trays for each family will prevent things from cluttering, and depending on the position of the small items to be displayed, it can also be used as a fashionable display shelf and storage. Let's arrange it in a fashionable living room with storage that can be shown even if there are more things. If you clean it up neatly, the fixed position of things will be decided, and it will change to a space where you can spend your living room more comfortably.

Speaking of the leading role of the living room, according to the style such as sofa platform sofa and living bench

The "Platt Sofa" is a compact and comfortable cushion with a thick and moderate hardness, and the "Living Bench" has an impressive spoke-shaped backrest, which is rare for furniture to be placed in the living room. The living bench also has cushions for the back and seat, so you can prepare it in your favorite upholstery and color, just like the platform sofa.
A compact sofa with a deep and spacious seating surface that allows you to sit cross-legged, and a living bench where you can enjoy the smooth texture and texture of wood. All of them are compact size products that are recommended as relaxing items at home.

If it is difficult to change the large shelves or sofas when upgrading the relaxing living room, changing the lighting is one way to do it. We have various types of lamps such as floor stand (round) stand lights, oval lamps, night lamps, etc. that can be placed on the table, so if you place it on the sofa side, you can get one step closer to a fashionable space and use it as a reading light. Active.
The lamp can be used not only in the living room but also in each room such as the bedroom, so please consider it near your relaxing time at night.


Let's make a simple and fashionable living room

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