It's a watch you see many times every day, so choose your favorite!
With your favorite watch, every day will be even more wonderful!

It's easy to choose a watch that is easy to see and has a size that suits your room, with an emphasis on functionality, but if you like your favorite watch, which is designed to match the atmosphere of your room, your life will be even better.
All cosine watches are simple and designed to give you the warmth of wood. Why don't you choose a tree species according to the interior of your room, find your favorite clock according to the person and place you use it, and add it to your life.

Cosine's most popular clock wall clock (color) with an impressive accent color

The most popular wall clock (color) among cosine wall clocks. For home use, it is a watch that you often choose to use anywhere, such as in the kitchen or children's room. It is often selected as a gift for new construction, moving celebrations, opening and opening of hospitals. Since it is possible to put a name on either the front or the back of the watch, it is very common for many people to engrave an anniversary or message when giving a gift.
The color of the 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock part of the dial is impressive. Maple is a little subdued red, oak is brown, and walnut is chic blue gray. It is a clock that brightens your daily life with coloring that also accents your room.

A watch that looks good on a dress rack, a no.270 watch whose name is the same as the part number of the dress rack

A clock that suits Cosine's long and best-selling dress racks, a clock that is as simple and quiet as a dress rack, and a no.270 clock that is designed to suit both Japanese and Western style rooms. The 270 of the dress rack part number DR-270 became the name of this watch as it is.
The dial, which gently rises toward the center, has slits instead of numbers, making it simple and easy to read, and has a simple design that allows you to enjoy the grain of solid wood.
The natural and simple no.270 clock is a clock that naturally blends into your room and creates a space where calm time flows.

Large wall clock with engraved numbers
MUKU clock (large)

The MUKU watch (large) is characterized by the numbers that are manually carved one by one with a cutting tool (router) with a blade. It is a very easy-to-read watch designed so that the large numbers overlap a little on the large dial with a height and width of 35 cm. Since it is made by carving solid wood, it is heavy, but there is no other watch that can feel the texture of wood more than that.
You can choose from three tree species, maple, walnut and oak, to suit your interior.
There is also a MUKU clock (small) that can be used as a table clock with the same design but a height and width of 12 cm.

Handmade cuckoo and Japanese paper bellows gentle cry A cuckoo clock that lives together like a member of a family

The cuckoo clock, which rings every hour and every 30 minutes to let you know the time, is a popular clock for both home and gifts. Cuckoo is handmade one by one with maple and walnut. The xylem of the watch is made entirely of solid wood, including the pendulum and cuckoo.
The cuckoo barks are made with a small Japanese paper bellows attached to the movement. It is a nostalgic and cute cry that is a little different from the electronic sound.

You will surely meet your favorites
Cosine watch lineup with unique watches

In addition to the wall clocks (color), no.270 clocks, MUKU clocks (large) and (small), and cuckoo clocks introduced this time, Cosine has a wide range of unique clocks. Choose from wall clocks (R) and mine wall clocks that are beautiful to the shadows, cut out clocks from the cosine collection that make the best use of the high quality of walnut, and children's clocks that are close to children's lives, depending on the person, place and interior.


Live with your favorite watch

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