My relaxing bedroom

A bedroom where you can relax with the texture and warmth of wood

The bedroom, where you can read a book slowly before going to bed, keep a diary, read a picture book to your child, and enjoy a conversation with your partner, is the place you want to be the most relaxing space in your house.
The bedroom items, including the cosine spoke beds that were newly released in August 2020, are all compact yet have a pleasant wooden texture and feel warmth. I want a compact drawer night table that works around the bed, an arm lamp table that integrates the night table and a lamp, and a drawer desk with a drawer that can also be a dresser when an optional mirror is attached. We have everything you need in a compact size that you can comfortably use in your bedroom in a furnished space.

The keywords that are indispensable for creating a cozy space are simple + compact.

First of all, the bedside must-have night table. When choosing a night table where you can put everything you want to use at bedtime, carefully consider what you want to put! What is convenient to have around the bed and what to put on it depends on how you spend your time, but bedrooms often have limited space, so in any case, it cannot be excluded that it is compact.
Another important point is compatibility with other things that are the main part of the room, such as bed frames and fabrics. Since it will be used for a long time, we recommend a simple design that suits interiors with various tastes.

The next thing I want to think about is the light. The required brightness is different, such as whether to read at the bedside or whether the light is as good as a nightlight. However, considering both of them before going to bed, it is important that they are gentle lights with little irritation. The relationship between bedtime and light is very important, and it also affects the quality of sleep.
Cosine lamps are perfect for bedrooms as they spread a gentle light through the shade of the fabric. Please choose according to the installation location and height.

The center of the bedroom. Bed usage and size and
A light design is recommended.

The rule of thumb when choosing a bed is to check the installation location and layout, such as the closet door and the entrance and exit to the balcony. Considering that you can feel the presence of the bed more when you put it in the room than you see in the store, you can reduce the oppressive feeling when you install it if it has a light design.
The spoke bed has a light impression with a feeling of pulling out by using the spokes on the headboard. The headboard is gently tilted to keep a distance from the wall, which gives just the right amount of accuracy when leaning against it. Even when two single sizes are placed side by side and used like a king size, the spokes on the headboard are designed to be beautifully continuous.

Great success in the bedroom.
This is the living tool you want in your private room!

First of all, in addition to the bed and night table, what you want in the bedroom is a "mirror". It would be nice if you could put both a dresser-like mirror that shows the bust-up or a full-length mirror that shows the whole body, but it is very convenient to install either one according to the purpose when getting dressed. Bedroom space is often limited, so we recommend a drawer desk with an optional mirror that can be used as both a dresser and a writing desk. By preparing a mirror in the bedroom where you can check the bust-up and placing the full-length mirror in the entrance or closet, it seems that you can cover all the mirrors necessary for grooming.

If you want to see the whole body, we recommend the carry mirror that stands against the wall. Since it is a type that leans against the wall, it can be installed compactly. When used in combination with a wall-mounted ladder rack, it can be used as a space-saving space for getting dressed, stalls, and gowns. Both are lightweight and easy to move, so it's a nice point to be able to move quickly when cleaning around the bed.


My relaxing bedroom

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