Grandpa, grandmother in the distance, why not tell your friends how you and your family are doing well?

Nowadays, when I can't go out, I think that some people are starting to go home online and have been unable to return home.
It's fun to talk on the phone or make a video call in real time, but why don't you give it a gift that can leave a lasting impression?
Not only "picture frames" that you can put photos in, but also small gifts that will make your life more enjoyable and comfortable will definitely be appreciated.

Picture frame with tree warmth Put a picture of your family or pets and tell the family in the distance how everyone is

We want everyone to be in good spirits, but sending photos of their families and pets as is is not easy. Because of this, I would like to give gifts that are related to photography and that the recipients will be happy with. In such a case, we recommend the cosine "picture frame" that allows you to insert a photo. The solid 2.2 cm solid wood has a strong presence and can be used vertically or horizontally. You can also decorate it by putting a photo and giving it.
You can send photos instantly through digital interaction, but sometimes the analog warmth doesn't match. You will be delighted to put a photo in a warm picture frame and give it as a gift.
If you have time to spare, you can enter your name as an option. When you can't go easily in a distant place, let's send a family gift as a warm gift.

If you tell us that you would like to include a photo at the time of ordering and send the photo by mail separately, it is possible to send it to the destination with the photo included.
The photo that can be inserted is the KG version (102 x 152 mm).
If you would like to include the photo, the photo will be shipped as soon as it arrives, so please order with plenty of days. If you can specify wrapping and Reto, we will wrap it firmly and deliver it.

Gifts of small wooden items that make life easier and more enjoyable for families and friends in the distance

When it's difficult for the locals to return home in a distant place, but I want to tell you how healthy they are, but the photos are a little embarrassing ... If you have a question, why not give a gift of wooden products that can be used around the kitchen or around the desk?
If you don't know what the other person likes or forget about it, a practical gift will not bother you deeply. By giving presents, topics are naturally created, and telephone and message exchanges are made fun, and you can tell each other how well you are living.
Anyone who receives a gift other than a birthday or anniversary will be very happy. It may give you a chance to talk to a friend you have not contacted for a long time.
Make your family and friends happy with the warmth of wood products.

There are two sizes of trays, large and small, that are very useful around the kitchen as tea trays and meal trays for visitors.
You can choose the size according to the number of people, life and usage.
The tray (small) is easy to use for serving tea and snacks, and the tray (large) for meal trays.
It is a must-have item for one at home.

"Bookend" is recommended for book lovers.
Even one piece will firmly support a heavy book, but you also want to align it in pairs to give a sense of stability.
You can use the same tree species, or mix it with your favorite tree species and we recommend it as an interesting gift to compare the individuality of the trees.

There are other small wooden products for cosine, so please compare and consider them.
We also accept gifts and wrappings as gifts for your important family and friends, so please specify when ordering.

* All prices shown do not include tax

Notify family and friends in the distance about everyone

Notify family and friends in the distance about everyone

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