The entrance of the jumbled season, which has a lot of rain and high humidity,
Easy to use and neatly arranged!

In seasons with many rainy days, you can improve the comfort of your entrance by simply changing the storage method for the outerwear, umbrella, and shoes that have become wet. Let's feel refreshed by incorporating daily life tools to keep things around us so that we can go out with dry umbrellas and shoes the next day!
It is likely that you can spend comfortably in the jumbled season by keeping the entrance where you are concerned about smell and humidity easy to use and airy.
Introducing recommended lifestyle tools at the entrance that will help you to feel refreshed and refreshing even in the rainy season.

Umbrellas are aligned and "hang" straight
Rainy rack for umbrella storage

A long umbrella can be hung straight up on the bar, and a folding umbrella that is difficult to place can also be hung on the protrusions that come out of the bar.The Rainie rack is compact in size, but can store the umbrella of the whole family neatly. The water tray can be removed and washed as a whole. The nice thing about this is that you can quickly hang a wet umbrella and let it air dry.

Rainey Rack, Umbrella, Umbrella Stand, Water Receptacle, Water Dish, Wooden
Hallway, rainy rack, umbrella stand, water tray, umbrella, waterproof, convenient, slim, fashionable, scandinavian

Airy and compact compared to flat placement
Shoe rack in a fixed position for resting shoes worn for one day

The shoe racks that are leaned against the wall have different shelves on each level, so you can store various shoes, from children's shoes and sneakers to tall boots and trekking shoes. Two pairs of adult shoes will be lined up on each shelf. The shoes for the whole family can be put together in a flat space for two shoes for a comfortable and airy rest.

Shoe rack, maple, shoe rack, entrance, shoe rest, storage, entrance storage
Shoe rack, entrance, solid wood, wooden, entrance storage, shoe rest, shoe rack, waterproof, leaning, slim, scandinavian, fashionable

Slippers & Shoe Racks, Slipper Racks, Front Door Storage, Front Door, Solid Wood, Shoe Rest, Slim, Simple, Scandinavian, Waterproof

Slippers and shoe racks that can hold slippers together are also a perfect place to rest your daily shoes. The combination of maple and walnut is impressive.

Slippers & Shoe Racks, Slipper Racks, Entrance Storage, Shoe Rests, Shoe Racks, Slim, Simple, Solid Wood, Waterproof

With beautiful modeling tools,
Coordinate entrance

The cosine collection's living tools are made from walnut, which has a beautiful deep brown color and beautiful brown color.
Not only is the cosine collection highly moldable, but it also has more than enough functionality as a tool, so it creates an executive atmosphere and a functional entrance.

Umbrella stand, Solid wood, lepore, Umbrella stand, Takumi, Moldability, Luxury, Granite, Entrance, Reception room, Fashionable, CoolUmbrella stand, Solid wood, lepore, Umbrella stand, Takumi, Moldability, Luxury, Granite, Entrance, Reception room, Fashionable, Cool
Umbrella stand, Solid wood, lepore, Umbrella stand, Takumi, Moldability, Luxury, Granite, Entrance, Reception room, Fashionable, Cool

An umbrella stand with a smooth wooden ring. This is a machine where you can feel the craftsmanship of the craftsmen at the joint between the ring and the strut that are made by carefully stacking 12 1mm-thick single plates and bending them.
Granite is used for the water receiving part, and it also functions as a weight that is strong against water. By making the water receiving part into a granite, it is easy to clean even if you receive the tip of the umbrella and it is easy to clean, and the umbrella stand has a beautiful appearance and usability in harmony.
It is a product designed by combining the right wood and stone in the right place.

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Refreshing season even during the rainy season

Refreshing season even during the rainy season

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