Spring luxury / nap sofa and spring-colored cushion

Wrapped in the balmy spring weather, take a nap slowly Spring luxury With a nap sofa and a spring-colored cushion, your home time will be like spring!

Even in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where there is a cosine, the number of days when a pleasant blue sky spreads like spring has increased. The long-awaited cherry blossom front gradually moved north, and the long-awaited spring has just arrived in Hokkaido.
How about your area? I'm sure it's about the time when it's spring-like and cheerful.
It's a luxurious time in spring to lie down and enjoy a nap in the sunshine of spring. It's a time when you spend a lot of time at home, so why not set up a space in your house where you can fully enjoy spring? Watching the spring sun and flowers from the window, drinking your favorite tea, reading a book, and going out ... It seems that you can spend a very luxurious time.
In 2021, we also offer a limited edition color of cushions for nap sofas that let you feel the four seasons. The cherry blossom and green reversible cushions that make you feel spring are recommended this time of year! Please enjoy the luxurious time of spring on the nap sofa, surrounded by the balmy spring weather.

The simple design sofa of the board seat The nap sofa makes your life more enjoyable!

A nap sofa without a backrest can be used in various ways depending on the idea, not only to lie down and take a nap, but also to play an active role like a sofa in family life, sometimes like a sitting table. It's a sofa. The design, which features a low seating surface without a backrest, makes the space feel spacious. The seating surface, which is slightly lower than ordinary sofas and chairs, offers a stable and relaxed feel.
Adding a nap sofa to your family's life will make your daily life even more enjoyable.

Improve the usability of the nap sofa!
A special cushion for a nap sofa handmade at a long-established futon shop in Arashiyama, Kyoto

It is recommended that you use the nap sofa while enjoying the refreshing and smooth board seat, but it is also recommended that you use it as a set with a special cushion that improves the sleeping comfort and sitting comfort of the nap.
The exclusive cushions for the nap sofa are handmade one by one at a long-established comforter store in Arashiyama, Kyoto.
There are three normal colors: (A) navy blue x white, (B) green x orange, and (C) grass x brown (20,900 yen each including tax).
2021 One year limited color that feels the four seasons (D) peach x grass, (E) sky x gold, (F) tangerine tea x gray rat, (G) white tea x gray rat (22,000 yen each including tax) You can enjoy it.
The outer cloth, which has a beautiful natural look of uneven threads, is made of 100% cotton and has a gentle touch, so it feels like it wraps gently when you sit down or lie down.

Spend a luxurious spring time with a nap sofa

Enjoy a more enjoyable and wonderful spring than usual with a nap sofa on the windowsill where you can feel the radiant sunlight and the pleasant breeze!


Spring luxury / nap sofa and spring-colored cushion

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