Second special gift from cosine for everyone at home

I want you to spend your home time more comfortably,
The second special gift for a limited time to everyone who spends time at cosine from home!

From Friday, May 8, 2020 to Friday, June 29, 2020, we will deliver special gifts from cosine to all those who spend their time at home!
We will give you items that will make your home time more comfortable and will solve the problems in your house that you were worried about, and products that can be used together more comfortably!

The second edition will be from May 15th (Friday) to June 15th (Monday)

Organize your child and make your child's place comfortable!
Introducing children's racks and drawing shelves that we would like to prepare for children!
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4th bullet
The fourth one is
May 29 (Fri)
~ Monday, June 29

Relax completely during OFF time!
A nap sofa, a table, and a lamp that let you relax your mind and body!

At this time of the day, I spend a lot of time at home.
Thoroughly solve the "I have to do something ..." point that I was concerned about, and reduce the stress of living!

People are spending a lot of time at home, beginning to be told by "STAY HOME" and "Let's spend time at home."
The “anxious places” that normally seem to be overlooked due to busyness will become a little stress of life with time.
Now that you spend a lot of time at home, it's your chance to thoroughly clean and tidy up such places of concern!

At COSIN, we have prepared items that can solve the troubles of life that you are worried about and plus gifts that can be coordinated in total, for everyone who is going home at home!
Please reduce the stress of daily life with items that can solve the problems of everyday life!

Toriko center table, tray table, nap sofa, cosine Aoyama, telework, work from home

Recommended for children who like drawing and crafting when they are absorbed in something when they are at home

The cosine painting shelf has an authentic atmosphere similar to an easel. Children are free to play around, but when they get too absorbed, they sometimes draw on a large area such as a wall. The drawing shelf comes with a large plate, and since it uses roll paper, you can draw a lot.
Even if you don't use it as a drawing shelf, you can put paper on the board and manage your family schedule. In addition, the board surface can be removed, so it can be used as a hanger rack for hanging children's clothing or short outerwear.

Painting shelf: 35,000 yen (excluding tax)
Little chair: 27,000 yen (excluding tax)

Set total: 62,000 yen (excluding tax)

Drawing shelf size: Width 70.5 x depth 42 x height 113.5 cm / plate height can be adjusted in 3 stages Little chair size: width 31 x depth 32.5 x height 45 (sitting height: 24) cm / target age : Around 3 years old


A space where you can enjoy drawing with plenty of eyes so that you don't have to worry about the rest of the paper and you can concentrate on playing

All those who purchase the painting shelf and little chair during the period will receive three rolls of paper required for the painting shelf!
One roll is already attached at the time of purchase, so you have a total of four rolls.
The roll paper has a width of 40 cm and a length of 20 m, so you can enjoy drawing a lot and you can also cut it to the desired length and cut it or stick it on it.


* Depending on the number of orders, it may take some time before delivery. Please note.

It's time to practice cleaning up while the family's eyes arrive. It's a set from the beginning, so a set of children's racks that can be used from the moment it arrives

The child rack is a hanger rack that can be adjusted in 3 levels as children's furniture according to the growth of the child. Since a large tray is already installed at the bottom, you can place things that are difficult to hang such as school bags. The optional hook and children's hanger that are included in this set can be used more conveniently. As furniture for children, you can teach them to clean up as soon as they arrive.
If you attach an optional hook to the child rack, you can hang slender items such as mufflers and belts, or bags with narrow handles. You can hang your favorite clothes, outerwear, and uniforms on the children's hanger in the set.



Child rack: 30,000 yen (excluding tax)
Hanger (for children) x2: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)
Optional hook: 3,500 yen (excluding tax)

Set total: 38,500 yen (excluding tax)

Child rack size:
Width 75.5 x depth 41 x height 130 cm
Length of horizontal bar inside leg: 55 cm
Adjustable in 3 levels (12 cm pitch)
Hanger (for children) Size:
Width 33 x depth 2.2 x height 14.3 cm
Optional hook size:
Width 12.5 x depth 1.6 x height 22 cm
Can be attached to a child rack or each dress rack


A cute and convenient S-shaped hook will be presented to you so that you can clean up the furniture for your child without stress.

All customers who purchase a children's rack and two optional hook hangers (for children) during the period will receive two "coitti S-shaped hooks" that will provide a more tidy space for children!

coitti, desk, compact, telework, work from home

When telework and household chores increase, making it difficult for children to play with, or when playing it makes children irritated. Now is the time to make good use of your time at home to draw and inspire your imagination, and ask the children to clean up. Young children tend to grow up because they want to grow up quickly. If you have "Jibun-only", you may feel like an adult and clean up with Run-run.

* Depending on the number of orders, it may take some time before delivery. Please note.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

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