Thinking with the whole family on Anniversary of Time-How to spend your time at home

Since I spend a lot of time at home, I think about how to spend my time at home on "Anniversary of Time" with the whole family!
Work, play, and breaks are all in the house, so how to spend time and how to spend it seems to be important!

More time to work from home with telework and remote work, eat takeaway meals at home rather than eating out, and spend more time at home than ever to stay safe and secure. It's coming. While spending time at home always makes you feel close to your family, surrounded by your favorite interiors, and having fun, it's easy to blur the boundaries between work, breaks, and time with your family.

Originally, it is a "anniversary of time" where you are interested in time and think about how to spend time, but on this anniversary, please think about how to spend time at home with the whole family.
If you can spend a good amount of time in your house, you will have more time to work, rest, and spend time with your family. Introducing cosine items that will make your home time and how you spend your time, and watches that will make your entire time wonderful!

For storage of work tools and learning tools, choose one with casters that can be moved, and turn it on and off in the space!

All the things you need for work, learning, etc. are put together in a storage with casters.
You can clearly distinguish between work and breaks and time with your family, such as by moving to a side while you are working and out of the way when you are done.
If you put all the work tools together, you will not leave important things behind, and you will not have to spend time collecting tools from each place every time.

It is also recommended to simply "separate" the places where you work or study.

The combi rack is a rack for hanging outerwear, but you can also use it like a partition by hanging your favorite fabric. By setting up work places such as work and learning so as to separate them, work time and other time can be separated firmly.
When you work or study, you can concentrate, and when you spend a break or spending time with your family, you can change your mind smoothly just by keeping the work condition out of sight.

Indispensable for both ON / OFF time is
"Favorite" clock

Many Cosine watches are made of solid wood and have the warmth of a wooden material. It features curved surfaces made by carving out solid wood and clean edges, and the contrast between curved lines and straight lines that can be obtained only by finishing each one by hand is pleasing to the eye.
Whether you're resting slowly or working intensively, your favorite watch will lift you up every time you look at it, and it's a very important item now that you're enjoying your time at home. Let alone see the time, please spend your time at home with your "favorite" clock that makes you feel a little happy just by looking at the clock!


Thinking with the whole family on Anniversary of Time-How to spend your time at home

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