This year is the bedroom surrounded by favorites

This year is surrounded only by the things I love,
I want a relaxing bedroom!

I just want my favorite bedroom to be the most relaxing one! Somehow convenient to use, but it is a bedroom that you want to stick to because it is a private space, such as things that have killed the atmosphere of the room and things that you want to make easier to use. Why don't you redesign this year for a comfortable and relaxing bedroom? Introducing items that are easy to use and make your room more comfortable!

A stool with a flat seating surface that can be used not only for sitting but also as a stand is key to creating a room atmosphere!

A stool with a flat seating surface is an item that not only sits down, but can be used like a night table or put a heel on the bedroom. The stool has a wide seating surface, so the design of the stool will change the atmosphere of the room. The KOHSHI stool has a grid-like seating surface and a “missing” feel, while creating a light atmosphere in your room. Nest stools with large, medium, and small stools in a set can be used like a shelf, arranged side by side or stacked vertically, and the design of the joint called corner locking is a sum. It matches the wonders of both tastes and Western tastes, creating a unique atmosphere.

KOHSHI stool and nest stool [set of 3]
KOHSHI stool and nested stool [set of 3] Example of use

Speaking of new admission, study desk.
A cosine learning desk that can be used by children and adults and is perfect for living study

Now that living learning is mainstream, if you want to put a study desk in the living room, you want to choose a simple design that is easy to harmonize with the interior.
The cosine learning desk has a simple design and can be adjusted from a child to an adult, and of course is a compact size that makes it perfect for living study.
The coitti series that won the Good Design Award in 2019 and the work desk that has been supported for more than 15 years since its release are both compact and can be used for learning and can adjust the height according to growth and learning. It is a desk that is chosen not only as a work desk for adults.
The work desk can be used by adjusting the height of the top board at a 6cm pitch from 36cm height that can be used as a table to 90cm height that can be used as a standing desk.

Oval lamp [Maple Walnut]
Floor stand [round] and lamp table

First, tatami, hang, but the correct answer!
The rack is just the right height, so you can store it yourself!

There are various conditions, such as whether there is a uniform or how much coat to wear in winter, but children can prepare smoothly in the morning, they can prepare their own clothes to wear tomorrow and their bags to bring, or come back Children's clothes, school bags, and bags are one of the things you want to make sure that your child can easily use.
Folding is very difficult for first graders, and it can be difficult because it is difficult. In order not to hate to fold your clothes, it is recommended that you store it easily. And by storing all the things you go out wearing school bags, bags, hats, etc., you can prepare, prepare, and have fun coming back and storing. First of all, considering using it in a shared space such as a living room, you can continue to use it as you grow for a long time by choosing something that fits in the interior and that you can use even when it grows up.

Example of using dress rack and carry mirror

This year is the bedroom surrounded by favorites

This year is the bedroom surrounded by favorites

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