What you can do because you spend a lot of time at home with your family!

What you can do now is because your family is spending more time.
By working together with the family to do things that we can't usually do, we think we can make a very meaningful time. The shared space used by the whole family, such as the living room and dining room, may be thought by the family as "I want to do this!"
But! now is the time! Since you spend more time with your family than usual, why don't you join us in designing an ideal living and dining environment that everyone thought of?
You can enjoy moving the furniture and purchasing new ones because everyone will cooperate and consult with each other! What kind of color is good ... What kind of design is good ... What is the theme of the room? now is the time! Please try to redecorate with your family!

The living room is a place where families gather.
Arrange the family place and make the whole family feel comfortable! Easy to spend!

It's not all about big changes! Even a small change can dramatically change your living comfort!

Some people may be concerned about Feng Shui when redecorating their rooms, but it is said that if Feng Shui arranges a place for the family to spend their time, the luck of the family will increase. By making the living room comfortable and comfortable for the whole family, communication with the family will be improved and it will be possible to spend happy days. That may be the improvement of family luck.
You can make your living room easier by spending some time thinking about the sunshine of the living room, the location of the windows, and talking about how each person wants to spend their time in the living room while laying out the layout!
When thinking about what kind of room you want, it may be good for the whole family to decide the theme color of the living room. Just changing the color will change your mood and make you feel fresh and comfortable.

Simply moving the side table from right to left on the sofa or adding one small stool may make your life more comfortable. Without being obsessed with stereotypes, you can use a stool that nobody is sitting on instead of a side table, or simply put a cushion on a chair that is not comfortable to sit in, and it will instantly change to your family's favorite place. May do.
Even if you add some cushions in a color decided by the family, the room will immediately change into a family atmosphere!

If you can change the cover ring and the furniture is easy to change, you can easily change the pattern depending on the season and mood, and improve your feelings!

The cosine platform sofa, a dedicated cushion for the living bench, and the Liite cover can be easily replaced.
You can always use it comfortably as all the fabrics can be dry cleaned.
Also, you can purchase just the cover, so by changing the clothes according to the season, it seems that your life will be colorful, and it can be prepared as a wash, so it is convenient! Since each function has different functions and features, you can select and replace it according to your life stage. When you are a child, you can rely on the sofas that are the easiest to care for and the ones that you can enjoy when they grow up.

Differences between the four stretches [Quick reference]

There are four types of cosine upholstery.
Please consider the colors and materials according to your budget, room atmosphere, and mood.

grade MJ KC TU KH
price Low During ~ During ~ High
Number of colors 12 colors 12 colors 12 colors 4 colors
durability ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Degree of care ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
touch Firmly friendly Moist Firm wool
Material polyester
63% of cotton
Linen 37%
80% polyester
Urethane 20%
70% new wool
Viscose 30%
Country of origin Japan Italy Japan Norway

MJ is made in Japan and is 100% polyester, so it has high durability and is easy to care for.
It is the cheapest fabric among the four, but the fabric has a slight sheen, and the texture is neat and lattice-like. The vivid colors and many beautiful colors make this a recommended fabric for quickly changing the atmosphere of a room on a budget. Many shades are recommended for one-point use. The touch is soft, but there is a solid feel, and there is a sense of security that you can use as much as you want.

KC is an Italian fabric made of 63% cotton and 37% linen, a natural material. Cotton is "cotton", which is obtained from cotton, and linen is "hemp," which is obtained from the stems of plants.
Cotton and linen feel comfortable even in the hot season, and many people wear them as clothing. The cosine “KC” fabric is slightly thicker than the “MJ” fabric, and is characterized by a very soft texture, which makes it difficult to store heat and is comfortable even if you sit down for a long time. It feels so good and gentle that you will feel like stroking it over and over again. Many shades are vivid and calm.

TU is a Toray made in Japan suede fabric with 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.
It is a fabric that imitates suede of genuine leather and features a soft and soft texture like downy hair. Contrary to its gentle texture, it is a fabric that is so popular that it is used by some domestic cars and overseas automobile manufacturers, and it is an easy-care material that can be spot-removed and washed with water. Since it is a fabric that uses chemical fibers, it has high durability, is less likely to wrinkle, and is unlikely to expand or contract or lose its shape.
The colors are also colorful like MJ, and many colors are vivid and vivid.

KH uses Hallingal 65 from kvadrat. The material is 70% new wool that uses only new wool that does not contain recycled wool, 30% synthetic fiber viscose is a natural material whose main raw material is wood pulp, and 100,000 Martindale (*) Fabric with high abrasion resistance. Wool contains natural oils, so dirt does not easily penetrate into the fibers and suppresses the generation of odors. In addition, you can enjoy a comfortable touch that is highly insulated and is not affected by the ambient temperature.
* Martindale is the value of the abrasion test called "Martindale". The standard for general use is 20,000 to 39,000 times, and for use in public / commercial facilities is 60,000 times or more.

Let's think about the structure of the room from a small place!
Just add a little change to the usual place,
Comfortable living!

It may be a good idea to first look for a room in your room and think from a small space so that you will not be wondering where to start your work, and in the end you will not be able to maintain the status quo ... not. For example, if you have a TV in your living room, try placing a plant that is the opposite of the mineral next to the TV, or turn off the lights that brighten the whole and add indirect lighting to your family's favorite places. Looking at it, it seems that more comfortable places will increase. Even for the plants next to the TV, the light that leaks through the shade seems to be more gentle than usual. Not only does it change the room as a whole, but it also creates a lot of small points in the room that heal the family's heart.

The relationship between the interior and the height of plants is an eternal challenge!
For the problem of your favorite plant "can only be placed here",
Small tables and stools can help.

I would like to choose a large plant that will become a symbol tree in the living room, but there are times when I want to decorate the living room like a symbol tree even in a short houseplant. And in the living room where large furniture such as sofas and shelves are placed, it is easy for short plants to be located on shelves. In such a case, a small side table and stool are useful! By finding a "stand" that suits your favorite plants, you can expand your choice of storage space and enjoy living with your favorite plants more freely.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

Thorough pursuit with family! The whole family redecorates!

Thorough pursuit with family! The whole family redecorates!

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