Warm Welcome to the entrance where you can go out comfortably

Easy to organize, easy to select, easy to take out Storage that makes your busy new life smooth

If you can quickly put in and take out your shoes when you go out or come back, or if you keep your umbrella in order so that you can easily take it out at any time, you can shorten the time to go out and it seems that you can live with your room in place even on busy days. .. Introducing living tools around the entrance that will make your busy spring new life smoother.

Even if you get wet in the rain and feel moist, you can store it comfortably just by hanging an umbrella "Rainy Rack"

For example, "Rainy Rack" is not an "umbrella stand" but a "umbrella stand", which makes it easy to use, beautiful when stored, and easy to take out quickly. By hanging an umbrella vertically and storing it, you can install it compactly without taking up space, and you can go out smoothly.
There is a removable and washable water pan at the bottom. When you hang a wet umbrella, water drops will fall down, so it's good that it dries quickly. Unlike the plug-in type, the area around the umbrella gets wet and you don't feel unpleasant.

"Shoe rack" in one place for shoes that tend to be crowded at the entrance

The shoe rack, which is perfect for resting the shoes you wore for a day in a well-ventilated manner, can be separated according to the height of the shoes you store. It is also nice to put shoes you often wear or your favorite shoes on the top, and decorate the green as an interior. The shoes that are placed are easy to see and you can quickly select and wear them, so you can go out comfortably. Shoes that tend to be scattered can be neatly put together in one place if there is a shoe rack.

A shoehorn that can be used while standing or
A set of shoehorns that can be used while sitting

The cosine shoehorn comes in two lengths. The shoehorn (S) has the optimum length for sitting, and the shoehorn (L) has the optimum length for standing. You can use only the shoehorn, and if there is a hook at the entrance, you can hang it with a strap. If you set it with a stand that features a round shape, you can quickly take it out and use it by arranging it next to the entrance stool or next to the shoe box.
The shoehorn set, which is often selected as a gift or for home use, is available in two species, maple and walnut, so you can choose it according to the entrance of your house. Arrange your front door so that you can spend your day stress-free even on a busy morning.

"Leaf rack" that can neatly store slippers for family and visitors

The cosine leaf rack (slipper rack) is a type that stands against the wall. Although it is solidly made, it is light enough to move with both hands even if you hang 4 pairs of slippers, and the part where you hang slippers is raised above the support, so it is easy to take it out and put it away. The point is that it is a type that hangs on the wall, so it is difficult to take up space and it is easy to clean and redecorate. If you store the babouche of Abe Sangyo, which is also available on the official Cosine mail order, the entrance will be colorful and it may be fun. Let's store family slippers and slippers for visitors neatly!

Warm welcome

Warm Welcome to the entrance where you can go out comfortably

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Shoehorn (S) and stand set

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The beauty of standing and the warmth of the touch...

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Rainie rack

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Umbrella rack that can be used ...

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Shoe rack

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Entrance stool

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A stool that makes the ...

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Leaf rack

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Slipper rack that is clean and easy to use A sli...

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Set of shoehorn (L) and stand

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Beauty of standing, warmth of texture It is a se...

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