A large private cushion that is indispensable for a nap sofa A brighter room with this year's trend "pastel color"
On sale from May 11

Cosine's nap sofa is a sofa that has been lowered by the Japanese people's preference for comfortable living close to the floor. You can read a book or spend a relaxing time with your pet or family. In addition, the height of the sitting surface is high enough for children to sit on, so parents and children can sit together and read picture books. If you lay a special cushion, you can quickly change to a sofa that you can lie down in the gap time.
This time, in addition to the colors that are usually sold, we have prepared a limited time color. We also sell only a special cushion so that you can add it to your existing nap sofa and use it. We accept orders from May 11th to the end of 2020. Please consider this opportunity.

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How about having a comfortable nap in the season when the front and back are replaced according to the mood of the day and it gets warmer?

The limited-time colors we prepared this time are "Sakura x Ash" and "Peach x Yellow".
"Sakura x ash" is light pink and light gray, light pink is cute, and light gray gives a slightly cool impression. The "peach x yellow" peach is a pink that is close to coral pink, and the yellow is a calm yellow. Both are limited items, so it is recommended for those who are considering the nap sofa body or who are considering adding only the exclusive cushion.

Nap sofa cushion peach x yellow
Nap sofa cushion sakura x ash

You can roll up the cushion and unfold it only when you are using it. The private cushions for the nap sofa can be washed at the laundry shop if the futon is designated to be washed with water. If it still doesn't appear plump, ask for a re-strike. You can use it for a long time while washing and tapping.
We have a total of 5 types, 3 of which are usually sold and 2 of which are limited colors. There are more choices than usual, which you can choose according to the atmosphere of the room.

Three colors are usually sold: "navy blue x white" "green x orange" "grass x brown". The private cushions for the nap sofa are carefully handmade at a long-established store in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto.
The side with the tufts visible is the front side, and the side without the tufts is the back side, but the texture and texture are the same because both sides are the same material.

Luxurious Kibe made with plenty of solid wood. It is stable and can be used for a long time.

The cosine nap sofa is designed to be used in both Western and Japanese rooms. It seems that if you have a private cushion, you will just sleep, but you can remove the "nap sofa". The wood feels very comfortable even with just Kibe. Some people even use Kibe as it is in the summer and lay out a cushion in the winter.

It can also be used as a table by removing the special cushion. The sitting surface is low, so it's perfect for children, and when you come to play at home, you can gather on the nap sofa and draw with everyone. It has a design and shape that can be used even after the children have grown up, so it can be used carefully for a long time. It seems that pets may monopolize it, probably because of the good feel of wood.

With a nap sofa, you can change your life by lying down, sitting on your seat and reading, or sitting on the floor and replacing the table. If you set up the nap sofa body and the exclusive cushion as a set, you can use it for various purposes such as reading time, nap time, tea time. You can make your time at home more enjoyable and enriching.

Platts Co., Ltd., which manufactures exclusive cushions

Platts Co., Ltd. in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto, is making a cushion for a nap sofa.
It is a zabuton manufacturer that has been making products with a focus on handmade since its establishment.

Platts Co., Ltd. was founded in Nishijin in the 20th year of the Meiji era, and opened a shop in Saga Arashiyama with the relocation of the processing plant.
In 1990, it opened as "Platz" which also handles household goods and furniture.

Platts handmade cushions are miscellaneous goods catalog, plus 1, anan, saray, figaro japon, creek, croissant, leaf, aera, etc ...
It is introduced in many other magazines, TV, FM, AM, etc., and is also used in shrines and temples and famous restaurants all over the country.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

2020 Nap sofa limited color guide

2020 Nap sofa limited color guide

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