Let's take care of what you are using while you are at home. Oil maintenance Watch repairs

Now that I've been in the house for a long time, it's time for maintenance and repair

90% of the cosine is an oil-finished product. Items that you use carefully may become dirty or have small scratches over time, and may be dried by heating in winter. Now that you have more time at home, oil maintenance will help you remove light stains and keep your beauty and luster for longer.
Also, is there a person who uses a cosine clock, and the time has become late with the years of use, or the time for cleaning has increased and it has been dropped and destroyed? Before you contact us or request a repair, there is a way to try it at home.
If you are having trouble with your watch, please try it once.

Click here for how to clean Click here for how to repair the watch

Oil maintenance method

There are two types of painting of cosine life tools.
Check the paint before performing oil maintenance.

Product example of oil finish

Items such as dress racks, stools, and shoehorns that are touched daily are finished with oil.

Product example of urethane coating

Items such as wall clocks and racks to which damp items can be hung, such as those that are to be hung on the wall or exposed to water, are finished with urethane coating.

If you don't know which coating is on the product you want to maintain,
Please check the "Specifications" column on the details page of the relevant product.

Care set, osmo color

If your favorite cosine product has an oil finish, you can easily perform oil maintenance with a "care set" every six months to one year.
* Estimated usage: One maintenance set can maintain 1.5 dress racks.

Just prepare a "care set" and "cloth",
Easy oil maintenance

The "cleaning set" includes a polishing sheet and oil, so you only need to prepare a cloth to perform oil maintenance immediately. Oil maintenance can be completed in 3 easy steps.

step 1

Gently remove dirt and dust on the surface and lightly polish along the grain with the polishing sheet of the "care set".

step 1

Step two

Shake the can well, apply oil to a cloth, and spread it thinly so that it spreads along the grain.

Step two

Step 3

Wipe it gently with a dry cloth and let it dry for about half a day with ventilation.
The gloss will increase and it will be exciting!

Step 3

※Please be careful※
If the cloth is soaked with oil, soak it in water and then discard it.
If it is left as it is, it may ignite spontaneously.

How to repair a watch

Before making inquiries or repair requests!
There are ways to try it at home

1. First check the switch

The following watches may have a switch.
If there is a switch, make sure that it is set to START.
MC-100 mine clock (small)
MC-130 Mine clock (large)
CW-03 Wall clock (round)
CW-13 Cuckoo clock * With / without sound setting

Movement switch position

* Cuckoo watches cannot be reattached with the following methods. If you are late, please contact the place of purchase first.
* If the needle cannot be removed properly, do not try to force it and contact the place of purchase.

2. Battery replacement

A battery is included, but it may occasionally be discharged. Try replacing it with a new battery.
Manganese batteries are recommended for use. Do not use alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Battery part of the movement

* Be careful not to touch the needle when replacing the battery. Also check if the plus and minus are correct and that the batteries are not floating.

3. Reattaching the needle

The needles may be bent and collide with each other or the main body, or the needles may go too deep and cause a delay. Please try again as follows.

Lift the needle vertically with your fingertips
Adjust the bend after pulling out

After removing the battery, put your fingertip on the base of the needle and pull it straight out as shown in the photo above to correct the bend.

If the needle insertion part is wide, tighten it slightly with pliers.
If the needle insertion part is wide, tighten it slightly with pliers.

At that time, if the metal fitting's insertion opening is wide as shown in the photo, slightly tighten it with pliers.

Install the needles, making sure that they are not bent or that they are not touching each other. (Short hand ⇒ Long hand ⇒ Second hand)
When attaching the needle, be careful not to push it too far.

Next, make sure that the needles are not bent or touched,
Attach the short hand → long hand (→ second hand) in this order at the 12 o'clock position.
At that time, be careful not to push it too far. (See the photo on the right)

C-1020 (old mine wall clock),
CW-17 (Main clock) is installed differently.

The body is curved, so follow the steps below to attach it.
1. Install the short hand at the 3 o'clock position.
2. Use the time setting dial on the back of the watch to turn the hour hand until 12:00.
3. Attach the minute hand and second hand, and check that the hands do not touch each other.

* If you still cannot improve, please prepare a warranty card,
Please contact us from the inquiry form below, or
Please contact Cosine Customer Support by phone (0166-47-0123).

Click here for watch repair inquiry form

* All prices shown do not include tax
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