June 10th is an anniversary of the time Good time, good clock Let's create a space where you can change the clock

June 10 is "Time Memorial Day"
It is an anniversary that was established to spread awareness of the importance of time.

Are you less worried about your time due to changes in your living rhythm, such as changes in your living environment and more time spent at home? Also, do you forget about the importance and preciousness of time as you spend your days busy with work and housework? What if you had your favorite watch in your everyday life?
I feel the stress of checking the time is reduced, and I rather enjoy looking at the clock. You may be healed very much if the watch you have seen for a moment to check the time is your favorite watch or it is natural. After tired of daily work and household chores, fill your view with something you like when you spend time in your room.
I would like to propose the creation of a small space where you can feel the importance of time, such as "Time's Anniversary".

Mine watch (large) Walnut / Image placed / Nest stool

30th anniversary this year from the sale!
Cosine's hidden long-selling "Mine Watch"

The "Main watch" will celebrate its 30th anniversary in July this year. The staff who have been working for many years are also an amazingly long seller who said, "Has it been so long since I started selling?" It is a clock with a wavy dial that is rarely found in watches.
Unlike solid wood, which has been processed into a wavy shape, it has a streamlined shape with wavy wood grain, creating a beautiful and gentle atmosphere. Because it is a very simple and solid wood watch, it does not spoil the atmosphere of the room and is easy to match with the interior.

Mine clock (small) Walnut / Image placed / Nesting stool / Table clock / Wall clock

Mine Clock (Small) Maple / Placed image / Green / Table clock / Wall clock

There are two types of mine clocks, "large" and "small", but both can be hung on the wall with the screwing part on the back.
As a point of the room, you can incorporate it into the wall layout such as photos, fabric panels, and near the calendar.
It is also recommended that you add it to the clock in place and hang it on a slightly offset position.

Thank you for the 30th anniversary / Main clock / Cosine / Table clock / Wall clock

While listening to the cute voice of Cuckoo that echoes suddenly in the room, it is healed by the appearance and cry of Cuckoo

The most special cosine clock is this cuckoo clock. As with "moving and squeaking", the cuckoo that comes out of the window is also carefully handmade. The dial also has the impression that it is difficult to read, but I find that it is surprisingly easy to read because it is calculated properly. The pendulum can be removed according to the interior. It is a "Cuckoo clock" that can be used as a table clock.
You can put a name on the pendulum part, so it's a very popular clock for new commemorations and celebrations, people who like cuckoos and animals, and those who want to be healed by a cry. The appearance of the cuckoo that informs you of the time coming out of the window is so cute and soothing that it's very popular with COSIN staff.
When the battery runs out, it sounds a little painful, so if you notice it, replace it with a new battery.
Also, I will be happy to inform you of the time.

Cuckoo clock, fits anywhere, discerning watch, cuckoo, cuckoo, parenthesis, crying, yamazakura / table clock / wall clock
Maple, Yamazakura, Japanese oak, Cuckoo clock, cuckoo clock, gimmick, discerning watch, popular staff

"MUKU watch" is a watch with stylish numbers that are solid and thick.

The "MUKU Watch (Small)" is a very small watch, but it is heavy, and it is very popular for souvenirs and celebrations. As the overlapping numbers are fashionable watches, just put them on to make it a fashionable item. It has a thickness of 7.5 cm, so you can easily enjoy the solid feeling of solid wood.
As it can be hung on the wall, it is a stylish watch that can be casually used at the entrance or the kitchen.
And one more.
The size of the "MUKU Watch (Large)" is its size. It is the largest clock among the cosine clocks. It is a watch that is used by many facilities and places, and when used at home, it plays a leading role in the living room due to its size and the presence of wood.
Since it is quite heavy, be careful not to get injured or drop it when installing or removing it, but its imposing presence attracts everyone's attention.
It's a great watch that can be a prominent item in your room, so it's a great watch to use with the MUKU watch (small).

MUKU Clock (Small) Maple / Nara / Walnut / Cute / Fashionable / Cool / Table Clock / Wall Clock
MUKU Clock (Large) Walnut / Large Clock / Solidness / Cool

Light-up image / interior image / MUKU clock (small) oak / wall clock / table clock / fashionable

In addition to these, COSIN handles various watches, so
Please take a look at your favorite clocks and the ones where you can feel the texture and quality of wood so that you can spend "important time" at home or in your room.

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June 10th is the anniversary of time "Good time, good clock" Let's create a space where you can change the clock

June 10th is the anniversary of time "Good time, good clock" Let's create a space where you can change the clock

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