"Stay Home" proposed by Cosine
So that you can spend a little time at home at home

Based on the recent "Stay Home" and "Let's spend time at home," COSIN has made various proposals such as improving the living environment and the telework environment.
We have put together a special feature here to make it easier to find and read where you are interested.
Now is the time to slowly think about your living environment and the interior of your room in order to make your time at home enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling. Please start from your favorite one.

Because "work" becomes more common in "home",
From now on, let's prepare an environment where you can work comfortably at home!

Enjoy "Family Time" for parents and children while at home!
Introducing items that will enhance the "father's time" spent with parents and children!

Enjoy your family time with your family!
Why don't you enjoy the cafe at home?
Click here if you are uncertain what kind of cafe to make!

What you can do because you spend a lot of time at home with your family.
Let's think together because we have time!
What kind of space is it for everyone?

From now on,
Management of living space and ON/OFF time is the key to comfort.

Cosine Aoyama staff actually teleworked and realized!
By far the most popular item is this "3" item!

Make the kitchen "standing work" easier with a little stool!
And let's make cooking time a fun time!

"Exclusive" places/things are the points that you can enjoy and clean up yourself!
Introducing cosine items that can be enjoyed and helped by yourself from the first grade.

When it is said to be "homecoming online" and it is difficult to meet my parents and local friends.
Let's give a "surprise gift" to yourself and your family, as well as to distant families and friends!

When it is difficult to secure a workplace due to sudden teleworking.
With the coitti series, it can be used in a sudden workplace, and can be used as a desk for children or hobbies even after completion.

Now that I've been in the house for a long time, it's time for maintenance and repair.
Would you like to clean the stains on your product?
If you have a cosine clock and the clock is out of order, please try this.

All things that were scattered across the company or school, such as work and learning, are concentrated in your home.
Even if there are many troubles, depending on the device, it will be more fun and comfortable! !!

*All prices shown do not include tax.
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Stay Home



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