Thank you mom for the increased burden at Stay Home.
May is a month to thank my mom for the whole!

This year, the Japan Flower Promotion Council has increased the demand for fresh flowers on Mother's Day this year, avoiding the overcrowding of stores, concentrating on Mother's Day, and there are flower shops that are refraining from sales. We are calling to make one month the mother's month.
Cosine also wishes to have a month to thank the mother who is the most burdened at home at Stay Home, and has prepared a present to thank the mother who is working hard all over the country. We will present a limited number of gifts to customers who purchase products targeted for the small wooden items made by the president of Cosine. Dad all over the country! Children! Say thanks to your mother now!

A gift from the COSIN president for a handmade tissue box, cutting board, pot spreader, and coaster using the storage door (birch material) from COSIN to mothers all over the country!
>> Introduced on Cosine's blog as well!

For work, housework ... A little stool is given to mothers who often do standing jobs.
From cosine, you will get a hot pot or coaster!

For moms who often do standing work both at work and at housework, we recommend the Choi Gake stool, which allows you to sit down for a while without sitting down while working.
When you get up quickly or concentrate, the stool that you can sit down for a while is sure to come in handy. The recommended stool for a bit of work is a slightly higher seat surface, a compact size that does not interfere with the conductors, and above all, easy for mothers to use. Cosine's red hat kitchen stool is a cubic curved floor stool, which is excellent as it leans according to your body movements. In addition, it is lightweight, has a groove for hanging fingers when holding it, and it is easy to move, and the red seat surface makes the space bright and bright.

The popular high stool, which has a traditional Japanese beauty, is also lightweight and easy to carry.
The point of the high stool is a very compact size. The depth is 27 cm even if it is the widest, and it is a size that does not get in the way when not in use. The seat surface, which is beautifully warped from solid wood, firmly receives the body and feels stable. And with the gentle texture and warmth of solid wood, it creates a gentle atmosphere for kitchens and washrooms that tend to be inorganic.

For those who choose a little stool as a present for their mother who has a lot of standing work, as a thank-you gift from cosine, we can use a pan or an illustration of this year's zodiac that can be spread according to the size of the thing to be carried. We present a coaster set (set of 2) engraved with a laser!
* The number of gifts is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.
Please note.

The storage space for my work and hobbies is postponed, and a dedicated storage space is presented to such a mother.
Get a tissue box from Cosine!

The wagon shelf, which has a reputation for storage capacity and convenient usability, is perfect for mother's work or hobby dedicated storage space. Let's give a dedicated storage space to the mother who gathers each family member and who gives top priority to family storage even if the living room gets a little complicated! The casters make it easy to move around, so when you need your mom, she'll definitely play an active role where you need it!

It has less storage capacity than a wagon shelf, but a tray table with a wide usable width is also recommended as a storage space for mothers. Not only for storage, but also as a side table and night table. And if you remove the reversible tray, you can fold it compactly, so it's easy to get out when you want to use it.

For those who choose a dedicated storage space for their mother as a present for their mother, a tissue box will be given as a thank-you gift from Cosine! A simple and natural tissue box that you'll want to use even with a dresser.
* The number of gifts is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.
Please note.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

May be thankful to my mom Let's thank my mom

May be thankful to my mom Let's thank my mom

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