Clean and dry your room to make you depressed ⇒ Comfortable!

Laundry in the rainy season can be somewhat depressing. I think the number one reason is that the laundry's scenery may be spoiled by drying the laundry in the room, and it doesn't dry easily.
You can stop the "drying" with an inorganic impression and make it an item that makes the room bright and nice, or make it easy to move so that you can clean the room and make the laundry comfortable I can do it.
Here are some recommended items that will make your gloomy room dry and refreshing this year.

Using hangers and pinches on the dress rack,
Dry your room clean!
An ally that can dry the futon and dries the room

It is convenient to dry a lot of large clothes, but it is a little inconvenient to move to a place with good sunlight and air.
Although the cosine dress rack is not large in capacity, it fits neatly in the room and can be folded and moved easily, so it is perfect for drying the room.
You can use hangers and hangers with a pinch to select a place that is sunny and well ventilated, hang it up after you have taken in the laundry, and you can fold it.
You can hang the futon on the dress rack (wide), so it will be very useful in the room during the rainy season.

Wet food is OK! Room drying, towel rack,
A smart rack that can be easily used anywhere you want to use it

It is also recommended to use the Smart Rack, which is often used to dry damp towels and foot wipes, to dry the room. Convenient when hanging long items such as pants!
The Smart Rack uses a type of urethane coating, which is a type of paint that can be applied, so it's recommended for places where you don't just dry the room, but also directly damp it. It can be used in a variety of places such as room drying, kitchen towels, and bath towel racks.

A storage space is completed just by leaning against it!
A ladder rack that can be used wonderfully both at the entrance and in the room

Similar to the smart rack, the ladder rack like a ladder is also urethane coated so that a damp one can be applied directly.
It's the ultimate space saving, so if you have a wall that leans against a limited space such as a front door or a dressing room, storage is completed immediately!
If you use an S-shaped hook, etc., you can expand the storage space.

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Even if it rains! Drying the room cleanly and comfortably!

Even if it rains! Drying the room cleanly and comfortably!

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