Enjoy your family time with your family!

The house that you spend as usual is a cozy space, but when the time is long, you will want to change. Because the house time is getting longer, you can create a space different from usual with a little ingenuity that you can not normally do. Supplement your mind with positive ideas! We will send you a suggestion that you can think of such a little idea from Cosine.

Feeling like a cafe at home! Would you like to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner and have a good time?

How to enjoy a cafe at home?
First, let's decide the theme

What kind of cafe is a cafe? Cafes like overseas, retro cafes, and beachfront cafes are also wonderful ... Why don't you make the theme of "I want to go"? "I can't go abroad", "I can't go to a beach cafe", "I usually want to go, but I can't go" is realized at a home cafe.
Make good use of your home time and have fun preparing for the whole family to create a fashionable cafe atmosphere.

Recommended cosine theme
A little adult night cafe Green healing garden cafe Waiwai Kitchen Cafe with family

The theme that cosine delivers 1
"Night cafe" where you can enjoy the lights

A night cafe where you can enjoy the lights Let's create a calming and relaxing space in an adult atmosphere

Of course, lighting is indispensable for night life.
Let's enjoy the night cafe feeling by using the natural night lights well. The indirect lighting that reflects the light on the walls and ceiling and wraps the space in a unique soft light improves the fashionability! Make your room look bigger! And above all, it makes you feel relaxed. Light has such a great psychological effect.
The warm light promotes a calming and restful effect.

The swaying lights of candles create a different space. The warmth of the candles spreads the scent of your favorite aroma throughout the room.

Cosine also includes Grasse's Hagurira oil and Cosine original oil. The scent of Japanese red pine will provide a comfortable healing as well as a bactericidal and antibacterial effect. There is also a mist type that is easy to use.

The light coming from behind creates a warm space that not only illuminates your hand but also wraps you around, promoting relaxation and a good night's sleep. The cosine floor stand creates exquisite light, so if you put a cutout on the back of the umbrella, you can enjoy it by using shadows and light.

The light reflected in the mirror spreads throughout the room, giving the room a spacious feel. The carry mirror used is a simple and smart design, so it will help the cafe production without disturbing the image you want to make.

COSIN delivers the theme 2
Healing space garden cafe

A green cafe where you can relax and feel the healing of greenery

The green color soothes tired eyes, and the negative ions emitted by plants are very useful for air purification and the stability of the heart. It's such a time ... Everything is a necessary element.
Why don't you spend your time relaxing and creating a special space full of healing just because you are still at home?
It's because I have time now, so while I'm indoors like "care of plants", "reading a book" and "sleeping a little", if you can feel the feeling of having left the city and going to the garden cafe, then this is the way to go. ?

Let's put a little higher blindfold in the room to make us feel a different space. Even a small space such as a window can create a special space with just a small partition. You can use the COSIN Combi Rack as a rack, but you can also replace it with a cloth or cloth. The garden space is born at once if you entangle the green.

"Even if you sit down and read a book," "Twilight while looking at the green," "Lie down when you get sleepy." The cosine nap sofa is very comfortable to sit on, and you can lie on its side. It's also perfect for sitting on the floor with your elbows and hanging a Klippan cotton blanket for a daze.

By arranging plants with different heights, you can see the green from any line of sight. You can get close to the fashionable garden cafe by using the windows well. The nest stools are used to make elevation differences, but by installing three different sizes at different angles, the angle of the plants also changes and a three-dimensional effect is created. Of course, by taking advantage of its shape, it can also be used as a storage place for books and accessories, and it will greatly enhance the cafe feeling.

COSIN delivers the theme # 3
Enjoying coffee Kitchen cafe

You can have a great time with your family at the Waiwai Kitchen Cafe

Let's create a kitchen that is common in the home in a space that is different from usual. Maybe today's protagonist is not the mother but the dad? There is no doubt that a perfect smile will come back if you make good coffee! You can even make stylish menus by making menus. You can't order homemade sweets made with your child, and there is no such healing. If you can enjoy a conversation with your family slowly, you can hear things that you would not normally hear.

Even in the same space as usual, you can change the atmosphere by simply changing the arrangement using small items. Putting a small menu blackboard on the cosine fit work table, or placing a coffee cup or cookie on the tray will instantly enhance the cafe feeling.

Displaying magazines, favorite books, toys and stuffed animals that children like on cosine shoe racks, and placing them in the kitchen? I feel like being in a fashionable cafe. A large rack makes it difficult to balance in the kitchen space, but a shoe rack can be placed in a small space without taking the width.

If you line up the high stools to match the counter, you can quickly change into a relaxing space where you can enjoy coffee. Enjoy a conversation with your family as you wait for an order on the kitchen stool in a red hat that leans to your posture. By gathering near the kitchen, you can feel the scent of the food stronger than usual, and you can look forward to dinner more today.

With 3 cups of coffee a day, you can expect the beauty effects of polyphenols, cancer prevention of anti-inflammatory effects of caffeine, and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.
Of course, not only coffee but also your favorite drinks, foods you wanted to try a little, any space in your house cafe is at your disposal.
Let's enjoy the feeling of handmade cafe with the whole family!

It is also recommended to have a lunch at your home cafe with your family, to enjoy delicious food alone, or to drink at home!

* All prices shown do not include tax.

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