Third special gift from cosine to everyone at home

I want you to spend your home time more comfortably,
The fourth special gift for a limited time to everyone who spends time at cosine from home!

From Friday, May 8, 2020 to Friday, June 29, 2020, we will deliver special gifts from cosine to all those who spend their time at home!
We will give you items that will make your home time more comfortable and will solve the problems in your house that you were worried about, and products that can be used together more comfortably!


The 4th bullet is from May 29th (Friday) to June 29th (Monday)
Relax completely during OFF time!
A nap sofa, a table, and a lamp that let you relax your mind and body!
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At this time of the day, I spend a lot of time at home.
Thoroughly solve the "I have to do something ..." point that I was concerned about, and reduce the stress of living!

People are spending a lot of time at home, beginning to be told by "STAY HOME" and "Let's spend time at home."
The “anxious places” that normally seem to be overlooked due to busyness will become a little stress of life with time.
Now that you spend a lot of time at home, it's your chance to thoroughly clean and tidy up such places of concern!

At COSIN, we have prepared items that can solve the troubles of life that you are worried about and plus gifts that can be coordinated in total, for everyone who is going home at home!
Please reduce the stress of daily life with items that can solve the problems of everyday life!

Toriko center table, tray table, nap sofa, cosine Aoyama, telework, work from home

Because "rest" and "work" are the same space,
Make a special OFF space for a good rest!

I have to get used to the new way of life From now on, it becomes necessary to coexist work and private, rest and work well in the same house. Just as it is important to have a working environment at home, it is very important to have an OFF space where you can rest comfortably.
By having a special OFF space that makes you feel relieved, you will be able to switch between lifestyles and have a more enjoyable life.
In order to concentrate and work efficiently, it may be most necessary to create an OFF space where you can rest your body and soul slowly.

The nap sofa is a bench-like sofa with a backrest that is comfortable in the coming season. It's a compact sofa that doesn't take up much space and has no backrest, so when you put it in your room, you don't feel any pressure. When used in conjunction with a wagon table that can be pulled up and used, it quickly transforms into a relaxing space where you can place tea or place a reading book.
A nap sofa that you can lie down and relax on, you can use it with a special cushion, or customize it with your favorite fabrics and cushions.

Set of nap sofa (body only) and wagon table:
123,000 yen (excluding tax)
Nap sofa (main body + exclusive cushion) and wagon table set: 142,000 yen (excluding tax)

With a table and a light that are gentle to the touch and shape
OFF time is more relaxing!

The Trico center table, which has a gentle triangle shape and does not interfere with the leads of daily life, and the Trico side table are popular because of their gentle shape and the smooth, healing feel. It gives a gentle impression to the entire space by making you feel relieved just by coming into sight when relaxing.
An oval lamp is recommended as a light that is placed on the side table and gently illuminates the hand.
Despite being compact, the texture of the wood and the gentle lights leaking from the shade make it a comfortable place to rest around the sofa.

Set of Trico Center Table, Trico Side Table, Oval Lamp [Maple]: 142,000 yen (excluding tax)
Trico center table, trico side table, oval lamp [Walnut] set: 155,000 yen (excluding tax)

We have prepared a set of maple and walnut for the Trico center table, Trico side table, and oval lamp that you want to use around the sofa for a special OFF time. You can choose according to the interior.
As soon as you put the three in the living room, it quickly becomes a relaxing space with a gentle impression! Please enjoy more relaxing OFF time.


If you want to enjoy OFF time comfortably,
With your favorite tea.
Put tea on a carefully made tray and have a special tea time! Cosine tray (large) (small) as a set present!

Tray (Large) Tray (Small)

* A tray (large) (small) of the same tree species as the product you ordered will be presented as a set.

All customers who purchased a set of nap sofa and wagon table or set of Trico center table, Trico side table, Oval lamp during the period will receive a cosine tray (large) (small) as a set!
Enjoy a special tea time by carrying tea in a carefully finished cosine tray.

* Depending on the number of orders, it may take some time before delivery. Please note.

* All prices shown do not include tax.

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