"I want to use a stool with a height that suits me"
"I want to adjust to the perfect size"
In such a case, "size order" will bring the original height

When considering stools, the one thing you care about is the height.
Whether you are a stool that makes it easy for you, your family, or children to sit, or a stool that suits your height, you want to sit deeply, or sit shallow. Above all, those who are originally short, who are looking for a stool for children, or those who are looking for a stool that suits their work, find it difficult to find the desired height.
Cosine allows you to lower some stools to your liking. When you want to adjust the height of the stool, please consider this "size order" once.
Also, if you feel calm when you sit down on a stool and eat or work, such as "I don't feel comfortable" or "I feel uncomfortable", the height of the desk and the stool may not match.
In such a case, the height adjustment of the stool may be useful, so please refer to it.

Price and delivery date for stool size order

Size order additional fee Estimated delivery time
make low
(Unit: 1 cm)
+5,000 yen
(Excluding tax)
About 30 days

・Since the size order requires additional processing for normal production, it will take time and an additional fee.
・Please note that we cannot accept requests for processing to increase the height due to strength or safety issues.
・The length can be shortened by 1 cm, so please let us know your desired height.

Ordering method/ordering example

There is a product page dedicated to "size order" as well as "name insert" of the gift, so please put "size order" together with the corresponding product whose height you want to change in the cart.
Regarding the height, please tell from the option menu how much you will subtract from the normal height. Please contact us if you would like more than -10cm.

Unexpectedly known "size order"
The goodness of each stool that can be supported is here!

The "KOHSHI stool" is suitable for both Japanese and Western rooms. It's a simple grid stool, but when you look at the real thing, the solid wood is very cleanly embedded, and you naturally feel that it's "pretty". When the light hits it, a grid-like shadow is created on the floor, which is also a fantastic point. The KOHSHI stool, which has been carefully assembled into parts, has become a very cool and beautiful stool. It has a strong popularity not only with customers but also with manufacturing staff.

"Peanut stool" featuring a swirl pattern. The difference from beans stool is that two people can be injured. It is also recommended to sit down with children or parents. I am surprised that you can sit longer than expected thanks to the swirl pattern and the large seat surface. It has a light impression, but since the seat surface and legs are made of thick solid wood, it is okay to sit tightly.
It is a stool that can be used for various purposes such as taking a break while reading or drinking tea, or as a snack between parents and children during a snack.

"Beans stool" with a cute charm. What is different from peanut stool is that it is for one person. The name is also "beans" of beans from peanuts. It is recommended for people who are a little big for peanut stools, and it's just that the sitting feeling is compact as it is. You can sit tightly with a sense of security that is felt from thick solid wood. It can be paired with a peanut stool to create a little conversation space in the living room. If you can create one such space, it may give you an opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends.

"Mine stool" featuring a wavy seat surface. Even if you think "something strange", if you sit down, you will be betrayed greatly in a good sense. The stool has a wavy shape that fits your butt very much, and you will not get tired even if you do not have a backrest. Since the plank is cut out, the grain is also streamlined and very beautiful. It's a nice stool to have one, but it's also recommended to use several stools side by side with your family and customers. The conversation may start from the point "It's a strange design!", and the usual gatherings may be more lively.

The "entrance stool" is characterized by its compact size and space saving. Put it at the front door to help you put on your shoes, or keep a bag. With just the right height, it gently assists you when you go out or go home. If you look closely at the design that incorporates the "warp and peeling beauty" seen in temples and shrines, you may have a moment when you think "Speaking of it...". Although it is compact when actually placed, it is also a small stool that is often selected as a gift because it is small in packaging size.

I didn't really care, but...
How are stools and chairs different?

Whether or not there is a "backrest" can be judged in an instant.
Those with a backrest are called "chairs" or "chairs", and those without a backrest are called "stools". Many chairs and chairs are designed to sit for a long time, and are often sold as a set with a table or desk, so the structure is basically "sit for a long time". There are many Some have armrests, casters, and height adjustments.

Conversely, stools do not have a backrest or armrests and are often sold as a single leg. It is often used for the purpose of sitting temporarily rather than sitting for a long time. Often used for exercise. And since there is no backrest, it is easy to carry and often has a lighter weight. Furniture suitable for relatively narrow spaces such as kitchens and balconies.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

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