The annual "craftsman's shop"
This year, the president's work will open ahead!

The "Tsukurigatari Handicraft Shop", which was open to the public at this time of year, is scheduled to go on sale in August a little later this year.
Meanwhile, after the end of work hours, the president of Cosine left alone in the workshop and gathered all the pieces to make many small items. I made it a gift for my mother's month by saying "I want to thank my customers", but I want to make it available to more customers, so I decided to sell it partly this time.
A handicraft shop that wants to make cosine staff released in August is also in production, so please look forward to it!

What is a "craftsman's shop"?

It is an annual project that Kosine's workshop staff will make and sell original wooden accessories by utilizing scraps that are smaller than the size of furniture.
It is very solid because it uses the scraps of furniture. From cute to elaborate, it changes from time to time. It may be what the creator wanted. All of them are original, so be sure to find your favorite wooden accessory!
If you are interested, please contact the nearest directly-operated store, or visit us, as it is also available at each of the Cosine retail stores.

"Pen stand" that is a little handy with the scraps created from those parts

This is made from the scraps produced during the manufacturing of the hanging parts of the twin coat stand. After cutting the required length from a long piece of wood, this size remains at the end. Since furniture cannot be made if it is so small, it will be a scrap of wood and a piece of wood, but as a result of the president thinking about how to make good use of it, a pen stand that can also store stamps has become.
Since it cannot be manufactured on a regular basis, it is not a standard product, but I'm glad I was able to make good use of the mill ends in this way as a cosine with a "round and round" look. It is a work that the staff said that it was convenient to receive it at the front door to receive home delivery.

A round and round ecosine

In Cosine, materials that come out in the process of making furniture and are of a size that makes it impossible to make furniture are called "short materials" and "mill ends". Even if you can't make furniture, you can still make small things by using the material. At Cosine, we use "short materials" to make cosine TOY and small items, and the smaller pieces are called "Koppappa" and are used in manufacturing workshops.
Both short and milled timber and small pieces of wood (Koppa) convey the warmth of a tree that grows over a long period of time, even when it grows smaller.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Pre-sale of the work of a crawler's handicraft shop @cosine

Pre-sale of the work of a crawler's handicraft shop @cosine

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