Slowly take a nap for the best rest time!

As its name suggests, the nap sofa is a sofa for enjoying a nap slowly.
There is no backrest, the horizontally extending plate seat is refreshing, and you can spend a luxurious nap time wrapped in a special fluffy cushion. Not to mention the best nap time, the nap sofa is an excellent product that can be used in various situations in daily life. I would like to introduce a lifestyle with a nap sofa.
Cushions for nap sofas in 2020 limited colors are also on sale. The color is only for 2020, so don't miss it!

The size of the nap sofa that is a little rounded is just right for your mom

The size of the nap sofa is quite compact as a sofa. The overall width is 167.5 cm, the seat width is 154.4 cm, and the depth is 65 cm, which is enough to bend your knees a little and curl up for a nap. Many women can relax by taking a nap with their arms and legs stretched out. It's also big enough for men to take a nap and nap.
Since there is no backrest, the overall height is as low as 45.5 cm, and the seat height is 32 cm, which is about the height of a table.

Nap Sofa is not the only nap!
It is a flexible sofa that can be used in various ways in your life.

A relaxing nap sofa that can be used by one or two people, parents and children to relax, take a nap, read picture books with parents and children, read alone with tea next to it A feeling sofa. The horizontal and spacious board seat can use the horizontal space like a side table when used alone, and since it is about the same height as the table, it also serves as a spacious table. The sofa of the board seat does not emit cotton dust that causes house dust, and the point is that it is easy to clean and clean. You can enjoy living with a nap sofa by using it like a "home".

In the coming season, it's also possible to use a nap sofa like a veranda in your house!
Even in hot and humid seasons, the seat is refreshing and cool.

You can arrange it in your own way with fabrics and accessories, which makes it a favorite space!

It is recommended to use the nap sofa together with the "cushion for the nap sofa", which makes it even more comfortable to use. Cushions for nap sofas are handmade one by one at a futon specialty store in Arashiyama, Kyoto. Not only can you use it comfortably at any time in the laundry, but you can also retype it, so you can use it for a long time. Normally, it is available in three different colors: "navy blue x white" "green x orange" "grass x brown". From May 2020, you can also consider the limited color “peach x yellow” and “cherry x gray” for 2020. Please choose according to the interior of your house.
It's not only a cushion for a nap sofa, but it's also nice to arrange it with your favorite fabric or cushion cover. You can enjoy living with a nap sofa while incorporating things according to the season and trends.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Special rest time [nap sofa]

Special rest time [nap sofa]

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