Don't worry about the installation location!
You can “show” the storage with a rack and hooks that can be stored by simply leaning it against the wall or attaching it!

Do you have the image that storage furniture takes up space? But I want to secure enough storage space, and if you don't secure enough space, it will be easy to get cluttered.
So how about a living tool that can be used as a storage space simply by leaning against an empty wall or attaching it? Items stored using the cosine wall are not large storage items, but there are enough items to store what you need, in the place you need it, and in the amount you need. Since you can store as much as you need, you can set it up in your own wonderful space by "showing" your favorite storage. Let's store your favorite "things" in a nice "show" and enjoy your life more personally!

Easy to use and compact. Ladder rack and tree rack for a neat “show” storage

As the name implies, a ladder rack is a ladder-shaped rack. The widest foot is 56 cm and it is very compact. The width gradually narrows toward the top, and the width of the horizontal bar is 42.5 cm at the bottom and 36 cm at the top. You can hang various things directly on the horizontal bar, hang it using S-shaped hooks or hangers, and store your favorite things.
The tree rack is a rack with a hook that looks like a tree branch. The width is 33 cm, and there are 6 large hooks for hanging thick coats such as down coats, and 1 hook for hanging small items such as keys. If you hang a little important item such as a bag on the hook on the back side, you can feel more stable.
The storage space is completed simply by placing the ladder rack and tree rack about 25 cm away from the wall and leaning against the wall.

With a wall-mounted hook, you don't have to worry about the installation location!
Wall hook and mine hook that can be stored to decorate the wall with your favorite things

What I notice when looking at a wonderful foreign room is to use the walls well to decorate the room.
The wall-hanging hooks can be used to decorate the wall with your favorite things, and the room will instantly become your own space.
With a wall-mounted hook, you don't have to open the installation space and you can take it in immediately. You can hang clothes, bags, hats, etc. as well as hanging dried flowers and your favorite fabric bag, and you can use it as a color of your room, so it will be more fun to display according to the season and mood.

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Storage to show using the wall

Storage to show using the wall

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