"Link table" and "tray table" which can be used for multiple purposes

Cosine's "link table" and "tray table" are designed with a focus on versatility and versatility.
Since its release, its usage has changed according to the family.
This time, I would like to introduce you to the points of "link table" and "tray table" that are highly practical!

Sofa and table ・Life with people and table + book "Link table" that looks good next to the sofa

In the living room, you can take a break while watching TV, and sometimes guide you.
At such times, the "Link Table" will assist you in style in the living room. If you turn a small table, another table will appear.
It can be used as a display stand for drinks, books, figurines and ornamental plants. When not in use, it can be turned and stored inside a large table.

The small table with casters can also be used as a magazine rack in the living room.
If you raise a large table directly above, you can pull out the legs and divide it into two.
The large table is a cute side table. The small table is a movable mini table and magazine rack. It is a side table that can be changed according to the application and layout, such as "two for one" or "two separately".

Highly versatile "firmly assist" "tray table"

The tray table is a highly practical side table, and it has been almost two years since its release. New usage is born in each family. There are various usages from adults to children.

The "tray table" can assist you in various situations, such as temporarily placing a pot when a customer comes and placing additional sweets. This tray table, which is kind to children who want to grow up early, is unreliable for children to carry sweets or tea even if they want to ask for help. Sometimes even adults are worried about spilling something. Once you put it on the tray table, all you have to do is press it, so you don't have to worry about it spilling.
Or you can enjoy tea and snacks while leaving them on the tray table.

Each person has a wide range of uses such as the topical telework and a table that can be used as a hobby auxiliary work.
In teleworking, it's easy to add "time off when you put it away on the tray table" and time.
When you're done, leave your work tools and move to the corners of the room.

Two trays can be removed and used reversibly. The material of the tray is different on the front and back, and the white side is a melamine material and is resistant to water. You can also place a glass that is susceptible to water drops without worry.
The wooden surface is a veneer, so if you put wet things on it, it will become spots, but it is recommended if you do not plan to put wet things or you want to give the texture unique to wood.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

How many ways to use it! ? Side table that is accessible to itch

How many ways to use it! ? Side table that is accessible to itch

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