"Umbrella rack", not an umbrella stand
Easy to clean and compact size is attractive

Launched in the summer of 2016, Rainy Rack is popular as an "umbrella rack" that allows you to store all your family's umbrellas neatly in a compact installation space by "hanging" the umbrella instead of standing it up.
The water receiving part is a melamine resin tray that can be removed and washed as a whole, so you can always use it cleanly. All wooden parts are coated with waterproof urethane, so it's okay for a wet umbrella to come into direct contact! Daily cleaning can be done with just a dry cloth.
One of the reasons for its popularity is that you can choose from two tree species, maple and walnut, depending on the atmosphere of the entrance.

A4 can be placed in a smaller installation space than landscape!

The Rainy Rack is a surprisingly compact size that can be installed if there is space for placing the A4 sideways.

You can remove the water tray and wash it completely!

Since the water tray is made of melamine resin, it can be removed and washed as a whole. The maple has a white water tray and the walnut has a black water tray.

You can also hang a folding umbrella on the protrusion of the umbrella hanging part!

At the center of the horizontal bar for hanging an umbrella, there is a protrusion for hanging a folding umbrella. The appeal is that not only long umbrellas but also folding umbrellas can be hung cleanly.

Maple and walnut
Choose from two personalities

Two types of trees, white and shiny and refreshing maple, and walnut, which has a calm and heavy impression, can be incorporated into your life according to your taste and interior.

You can hang it up without using an umbrella to create a neat entrance!

It's a compact size and easy to clean Rainy rack, and it's nice to clean the entrance, but of course, it's narrow and you can't put it in. There seems to be a space for the items that will be given.

The staff at Cosine Asahikawa Main Store are also recommended!

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Easy to clean and compact "Rainy Rack" to store all family umbrellas neatly

Easy to clean and compact "Rainy Rack" to store all family umbrellas neatly

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