Beautiful evenly spaced spokes that do not collapse even when lined up

Since launching the large-scale product "Liite" of COSIN in 2018, we have introduced that if you complete one set, living and dining will be integrated and you can create a margin for your current life. If you look at each of the "Liite" one by one, you will find that each one has a high level of design and is full of ideas that you can use comfortably. In addition, the cushion part has a nice impression because it changes to a favorite stretch.
The cushion cover is made to order just like the Liite itself, so it may take some time before delivery, but we also handle the cover only and the cushion only. If you have Liite, you can easily make a makeover rather than refurbishing your furniture. Please choose according to the size of the room and the purpose of your family.

Liite's "spoke part" that will not be disturbed beautifully no matter how much you arrange it

The characteristic part of Liite is the "spoke part" of the back.
Liite spokes remain evenly spaced, no matter how many sofas or chaise longs are lined up. When placed in the room, the unity and unity is amazing, and there is no discomfort at the joints.
On the back of the tree, I'm worried about the pain when it leans back, but the Liite head has a height of about 6 cm, and since it has a gentle curve, it is softer and less painful than I expected. The spokes, not the large plate-shaped backrest, may give you a soft impression when leaning. If you want to lean on for a long time such as 2 hours or more, you can spend more comfort by inserting a cushion or blanket. Each spoke is gradually thicker from the top to the bottom, and even if it is not a certain thickness, it creates a gentle curve overall, which leads to a lightness when placed in the room.

Comfort to stretch out and relax
Liite Shades Long (Right arm/Left arm)

The Liite Chaise Long has a very unusual shape, and you can choose the left arm or the right arm to suit your room.
When you see it in the store, please take off your shoes, stretch your legs and sit down. The armrests are in the right place to keep the posture easy, and the 6 cm tall Kasaki supporting the back gently supports the back, and I think of myself relaxing at home.
The back of Kasagi has a gentle curve, so it supports your back softly.
Even a man with a height of about 178 cm can sit down with his legs extended, and even if his legs stick out, a Liite stool can be used as a supplement to relax.
Since the cushion has a non-slip, it will not slip.

Very stylish and light even when placed separately
Liite sofa

The Liite sofa also has spokes that are evenly spaced, so you can see the other side without obstructing your view, making the room look larger. Since the Liite sofa has a symmetrical design, you can spend a relaxing time fashionably even if you install it separately, so you can simply use only the Liite sofa. It is more convenient to use the Liite stool with it. Like the Liite Chaise Long, a 6 cm tall Kasagi supports your back gently. Two adults can sit very comfortably, so if you have your favorite cushions, blankets, and other fashionable accessories and prepare your favorite side table for coffee or tea, you will surely enjoy conversation.
Like the Liite Chaise Long, there is a non-slip on the back of the cushion so it will not slip.

Cushion upholstery plays a leading role with a flat seating surface
Liite bench

Like the Liite stool, this type does not have a back cover or spokes on the back. The flat cushions are comfortable and you won't get tired even if you sit for a long time. It is also recommended when you want to take a break and for children's rooms.
Among Liite, it is a bench where Zhangji is especially prominent. The atmosphere of the room changes greatly depending on the color and material of the cushioning material.
There are four types of MJ, KC, TU, and KH that can be broadly divided into upholstered areas, so please choose your favorite material and color and feel the furniture and upholstery.

A table with a good low
Liite table

It is a table made to fit the sitting surface height of the Liite sofa and Chaise Long.
The height of the table is 65 cm, which is slightly lower than an ordinary dining table. At this height, you can use a stool or chair with a seat height of 40 cm together, and because it is a little lower, it is easier to see the whole thing when placing dishes on the table. It is a table that can be used even by people with a short height. The table legs are slightly inboard so that they are less likely to hit you when you sit in a chair or chair. There is also a space for putting things of about 73 cm x 27 cm.

On your favorite stool, on your favorite stool
Liite stool

The Liite stool is very handy to sit in when you need it. You can use it by placing it near a table and sofa prepared with Liite, or buy one and use it as a little stool for your workbench and vanity. Or, since all the sofas and benches of Liite are unified with a seat height of 40 cm, it can be used as an aid for those who stick out their legs with Liite Chaise Long and stick their legs out when sitting.
Just like the Liite bench, the stool changes the impression greatly depending on the upholstery, so if you change the stool with your favorite upholstery and color, your room will surely become gorgeous.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

A complete set is acceptable. Partial use and matching techniques are also acceptable. Wide and flexible "Liite"

A complete set is acceptable. Partial use and matching techniques are also acceptable. Wide and flexible "Liite"

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