Continued to be loved since its release on July 1, 1990
Mine clock (large), Mine clock (small) for the 30th year

Mine clocks (Large) and Mine clocks (Small) released on July 1, 1990, the second year since the founding of Cosine, were 500 units a year when there were many, and cumulative sales exceeded 10,000 units. It is a long-selling product that is sold without change.
It is easy to use as both a table clock and a wall clock, and features a simple and wave-cut design that makes the wood grain look beautiful. It has been selected not only as a gift but also for your home.
The Mine watch (small) is a very compact size with a width of 12.5 cm and a height of 13 cm, and is placed on an entrance or a shelf.The Mine watch (large) has a width of 12.5 cm and a height of 23 cm. It is expensive and popular as a table clock used around desks. It is also a watch that is often chosen as a memorial to the company's founding, as a gift for weddings, and as a celebration inside.

Main clock (large) and mine clock (small) are supported points!
Why are you still selected?

One of the main points of support for mine watches is made from solid wood, but it's priced below 10,000 yen (excluding tax), which makes it easy to choose as a gift! The main clock (large) is 9,000 yen (excluding tax), and the main clock (small) is 8,000 yen (excluding tax). And the wave design that the wood grain looks beautiful after all. By carving out thick solid wood on the wave, it enhances the beauty of the wood grain. The small size that makes you want to use it in your kitchen, bedside, etc. is also a popular point.

With the 30th year Mine clock (large) and (small), the "time" of my home and the "time" of loved ones will be special!

It was said that the year 1990 when the Mine Watch (Large) and (Small) were released was the last year of the bubble when Super Nintendo was released and Kaiyukan in Osaka opened... It was a long time ago.
However, of course, the customers who bought them at the time are still using Mine clocks. Depending on the usage situation, the machine part may be replaced while you use it, but you can continue to use Kibe. Please consider the Mine clock (large) and (small) as watches that will spend the next 30 years together.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Thanks to you for 30 years! Mine clock (large), (small)

Thanks to you for 30 years! Mine clock (large), (small)

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