A compact, well-fitting two-person sofa cosine "Platto sofa"

Cosine has "Liite" that can be used in the living and dining room and "Platto sofa" that can be used in the living room. The Pratt sofa and Pratt ottoman fit comfortably in a compact room.

Since the platform sofa is a prefabricated sofa, it is easier to carry in and move than the finished sofa. With a total width of 152 cm, it is a very compact sofa, but the seating surface is wide and large, so you can cross it or sit down deeply, and you will feel a sense of security when you sit down. The compact and charming platform sofa uses plenty of solid wood and can be used for a long time with a solid sofa.
Why don't you place a compact and secure sofa in your house?

"Platto sofa" that has a wide seat surface and is flat and gentle

The platform sofa, which has a flat impression overall, looks like a box, and the cushions look a little hard, but the firmness and softness of the platform support your posture.
You can also sit down deeply on a wide seating surface, giving you a sense of stability and security. You may be worried that the back is low, but the angle between the xylem and the cushion makes the neck feel less tiring. It is 150 cm tall and about the height of the shoulder blades. At a glance, the platform sofa, which has a simple, tender, soft, and cute impression, is one of the cosine products that grows in love as you use it.

If you slide the seat sideways,
A little side table appears

The seat cushion of the platform sofa can be used by shifting it a little to the side, and if you shift it, a simple side table made of solid wood will appear.
You can put small items in the interior, or you can put drinks such as coffee and tea if you use a saucer or coaster. You can also leave a book to read, so you can spend a little relaxing time.
The wood part is finished with an oil finish so that you can enjoy the texture of the wood and does not have a water-repellent effect, so it is easy to get stains when it gets wet with water. In order to use it cleanly for a long time, it is necessary to take measures such as using a saucer and laying a coaster, but all visible parts are finished with solid wood, so you can fully enjoy the texture of wood I will.

Wide range of usage with the matching "Platt Ottoman"

The "Platt Ottoman" with the same design can be used not only by a single person, but also as a supplement to the platform sofa. If you want to stretch your legs while sitting down, you can place it in front of the platform sofa so you can relax and stretch your legs.

Actually, this is how you use it! ? A unique sofa that can be transformed into an instant nap sofa

If you have a platform sofa and platform ottoman, it will be a unique sofa that you can take a nap.
There is a nap sofa in Cosine, which can be used for taking a nap and sunbathing very comfortably, and can also be transformed into a lower table, but the platform sofa was also the best sofa for a nap. The compact and simple sofa can be used in any room. Of course, you can also enjoy it in the living room, gathering with family and partners, talking with customers and friends.

Can you customize your favorite sofa and cushions with your favorite fabric and color?

After customizing your sofa in your favorite stretch, why don't you have matching fabrics and colored cushions?
You can purchase cushions at MJ, KC, TU in Zhangji.
Since it is made to order, it will take some time to deliver it, but if you put cushions made of the same fabric, it will be uniform and exceptional.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

A compact sofa with charm

A compact sofa with charm

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