The time I want to take a break when I go home.
A soothing space in a cool room with a lamp.

These days when the heat is so hot every day. A space that heals a tired body is very important. In order not to leave the summer fatigue in the fall, let's prepare the room now and feel good every day. It is the "lamp" that is useful in producing that "slow and relaxing space." At night, if you turn off the lights that are always on and turn on the lamp, you can quickly change into a room with a great atmosphere. Cosine has some special lamps. Please add the goodness of "light" and "natural wood" to the healing space.

A "floor stand" that makes your room look wide just by placing it on a corner

The floor stand is 158 cm high and is a taller lamp in the cosine. A lamp that brightens your hand whether you are standing or sitting, so you can spend time reading slowly with the sofa, talking with parents and children, reading picture books, and spending time quietly and comfortably.

It has a simple design, but the base and stanchions are made of solid wood, and have a moderate weight and a sense of stability.
By adding vertical lines on the floor stand to the large space in the living room, you can feel as if the room looks wide. Please enjoy the soft texture of wood and the light that softens depending on the shade in the living room, bedroom or entrance.

"Oval lamp" that suits both small and large tables

The oval-shaped "oval lamp" is very useful on the table.
The shade and base are oval, so space is saved, and it is less likely to get in the way even on a table for four people.
The light creates a sharp contrast in your room. The size of the lamp is not very large, and the wooden part of the base is solid wood and has a stable feel.
The light that shines through the shade has a soft and gentle impression combined with the texture of wood.

Place it in the kitchen corner, on the side table in the bedroom, or in the bathroom. An oval lamp is a lamp with a wide width, but it does not take up much space. You can place it diagonally or vertically to devise a limited space.
Since the upper part is larger than the base, the light is large and gently spreads, so you can use it in any place.
The simple and unique appearance has a strong presence and makes the room unique.

"Ah, I wanted this." I made a voice. "Lamp table" with a table attached to the lamp.

When you want to spend time on the sofa or bedside, don't you have a problem with the space for small items?
I want glasses, a watch, and a place to put water. But I also want a lamp. But I can't secure that much space... When you want a "lamp" and "a little table" like this, this "lamp table" is the answer.
You can place a book or drink next to the sofa or a clock or glasses next to the bed. It is also recommended to put it in a small space such as a Japanese-style room or entrance.

A high-quality "light" that stands quietly
"Airs floor lights" that produce quiet shadows

When you want to spend a quiet time, "airs floor light" that you want to gently place by yourself.
The light that creates the shadows quietly with the deep shades of fine Walnut is a gem that is recommended for enjoying the silence, such as before going to bed or when spending time alone. In addition, this airs floor light also has a dimming function, so you can adjust it to your favorite light. You can spend a special time by placing a slightly unique and high-quality lamp in your favorite space where you want to spend a relaxing time. It weighs about 2 kg and is lightweight, making it easy to move.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

A cosine lamp that is solid and easy to use

A cosine lamp that is solid and easy to use

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