A wooden toy that grows by touching cosine TOY

The "wood" used in cosine products is
4 places to grow, different characteristics and different facial expressions

There are mainly four types of trees used by Cosine, Maple, Walnut, Nara, and Sakura. In particular, silky, smooth and bright maple is a material that represents cosine.
Maple and Walnut are from North America, Nara is from Primorsky Krai in Russia and part of Hokkaido, and Sakura is all from Hokkaido. Each has different characteristics such as grain, color, hardness, and weight, and facial expressions.

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Where are the cosine trees growing?

What are the characteristics of each?


Origin: Quebec, Canada | Category: Mapleaceae
Origin: North American Midwest │ Category: Walnut family

Many people may feel the pinch with the leaves and maple syrup drawn on the Canadian flag. It features a very hard, white-colored and glossy wood surface. In addition to furniture, it is also used for bowling lanes, musical instruments, exercise equipment, etc., which is resistant to impact. Characteristic heathers such as bird's eye heather and fiddleback heather are used as surface materials for musical instruments and siding boards of houses due to their beauty.
It is one of the world-famous woods that are prized along with mahogany and teak. When you think of walnut trees, I think you can feel familiar with them. Due to its heavy texture, it has been popular as a furniture material in Europe since the Renaissance. In the pioneering era of the west, it is believed that when iron is driven in, the color of the material becomes darker, and nails and bullets were driven in, so bullets may come out of the sawmill.

Cherry blossom

Origin: Russia Primorye / Japan Hokkaido whole │ Category: Beech family
Origin: Japan Hokkaido │ Classification: Rosaceae

The acorn tree oak has been revered as the "king of the forest" for its majestic tree shape and vitality. Since it is a slow-growing hardwood, it is most valuable as a furniture material that is over 150 years old. The unique striped pattern of tiger called "Torafu" is one of the characteristics of oak. It has excellent properties and has been used for a long time in architecture, furniture, ship materials, etc. In addition, the tannins and polyphenols contained in the materials dissolve in alcohol to give a rich fragrance, so they are also used in aging barrels for whiskey and wine. In addition to Russia, some Hokkaido oak is also used.
We use "Yamazakura" from Hokkaido. Since the material is tenacious and strong, easy to cut, and has little warpage, most woodblocks used for printing Ukiyo-e and books in the Edo period were Yamazakura. Although it grows to a diameter of about 1 m at the height of the chest when growing up, nowadays cherry tree can not take large materials, so there is a part where the redness and the white thick part that are characteristic of cherry blossom are clearly separated, and nature weaves You can enjoy beautiful colors. Changes relatively quickly, and the more it is used, the more it becomes glossy and turns reddish brown.

Wooden furniture here

Most items are available in two tree species: maple and walnut.

Most of the cosine items such as sofas, dining tables, and shoehorns are available in two tree types to suit the atmosphere of the space: pale and glossy maple and solid walnut.
Enjoy the completely different texture of wood with the same item.
In addition to maple walnut, some items also have a lineup of oak and sakura. This time, we will introduce a list of items where you can choose Japanese oak or cherry in addition to the two tree species.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

Where did you grow up and which tree did you use?

Where did you grow up and which tree did you use?

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