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A tree grown over many years becomes a tool for living over many years.
Tree life tools are something that you will become more attached to as you spend your life together.
It is rich and rich in people's lives, regardless of age.
A quality product that allows you to experience an executive lifestyle.
Please see "cosine collection", a wooden tool that is a little different.

A clock that slowly and fulfills the flow of time

airs Floor Clock

airs floor clock

Body: Walnut urethane coating Width 30.5 x depth 30 x height 125 cm

A floor clock with a beautiful contrast of the walnut's calm brown and golden pendulum.
The simplest form of the wall clock plays a role in creating a calm and high-quality space. Please enjoy the quiet time and space with the swaying movement of the pendulum. We also have floor mirrors and floor lights with the same design.

"Attract" the wall

airs Wall Mirror

The frame, which measures 50 cm on a side and can "attractive" a wall, is a luxurious wall mirror machined from solid wood with the latest machining technology.
With a size that can be casually hung on the entrance or in a private room, you can place watches and accessories in the tray-shaped engraving, so you can choose items without getting lost when you go out. This is a round-form wall mirror designed with the theme of "Life my surroundings" to put your favorite "good things" around you.

airs wall mirror

Body: Walnut Urethane coating Body: Width 50 x Depth 9 x Height 50 cm
Mirror: Width 40 x depth 0.5 x height 40 cm

Slim storage to put your favorites beside you

airs Slim Chest

A chest that combines the functionality of a "shelf" and a "bookshelf" to store small items around you in one place, with a design that sticks to it, with a straight line running sideways and a leg that is appropriately loose , A light and sophisticated chest. It creates a calm and presence in the living room and entrance, and the walnut texture gives it a solid feel.
The louvered design seen from the front hides the books and accessories stored inside, and eliminates the feeling of life. The upper 3 louvers are drawers and can be taken out as a tray, and the top tray comes with a pen tray, neatly writing materials are collected, and A4 size documents can also be stored.

airs slim chest

Body: Walnut Urethane coating Width 38 x Depth 34.5 x Height 82 cm

Reliable quality and practicality to make the space beautiful

airs Coat Rack

airs coat rack

Body: Walnut urethane coating Width 42 x Depth 55 x Height 152 cm

The airs coat rack, which takes advantage of the fine texture of walnut, makes the space beautiful. With the louvered design, it is possible to partition the space, and it is also possible to appropriately eliminate the feeling of living. You can spend a quality life with reliable quality and practicality.

cosine collection

The "cosine collection" introduced here is a part.
If you want to see all products, please see here.

*All prices shown do not include tax.

cosine collection-airs-

cosine collection-airs-

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airs coat rack

  • 140,000円
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Richness created by beauty and usability Cosine ...

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