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Cosine's life tools are
It is made from wood that has grown over many years.
Therefore, it is basic to use up the materials.

Cosine is a company founded in 1988 by four craftsmen.
"Is it possible to take advantage of the scraps of wood that appear when making furniture?"
The first product of Cosine, which was founded from such an idea, is a "switch cover" made from short materials.
We use trees grown over many years to make products, so it is essential to carefully use up the materials. The spirit of not wasting even scraps of wood and scraps of wood has been passed down even now, more than 30 years after its founding.
Switch cover

"Wood accessories" that can be used for ideas and designs with materials and scraps that are short enough to make furniture.
"A handicraft shop for builders"

In accordance with Mokumoku Festa, which is held every year at the Asahikawa Woodworking Center, where there is a cosine as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with trees, the staff of cosine makes small pieces of wood and scraps from the workshop to make small wooden items for sale. "Gariya's handicraft store" is one of the efforts to use up the materials.
Opportunity to think again that the "craftsman of a craftsman" who creates the "small wooden items" that the staff can use with their own ideas and designs, is an important material that conveys the warmth of wood no matter how small the material is. It has become.
And a part of the sales will be used for the operation of "Cosine Forest", which is being cultivated in order to get to know the trees well and to know the forest where the trees are grown, so that each staff member will learn more about the important material, trees. It is connected to something.
Make-up shop

I want to tell small children.
The importance and warmth of trees. And exciting manufacturing.
"Koppappa woodworking class" and "Koppappa related products"

A lot of children participate every year in the "Koppappa woodworking class" that uses "Koppa", which is a piece of wood made of various materials such as oak and cherry, centered on maple and walnut, which are mainly used in cosine. It is a popular workshop. You can make original watches, cars, etc. while enjoying different colors and textures depending on the type of tree. Even a small piece of wood (Koppa) can be transformed into a part of an important tree that has grown over a long period of time, or in various forms that can be used forever, depending on the imagination of the user.
Koppappa Woodworking Class

This year, it is difficult to get a large number of people to hold a workshop, so we will deliver it as a "Koppappa watch kit" and "Koppappa car kit" that can be enjoyed at home. We were able to deliver warmth of wood to more people than ever before by receiving orders from all over Japan where it was difficult for COSIN staff and related parties to visit and conduct workshops. Currently, we are also holding the "Koppappa Award", where you can apply for photos of works made using Koppappa related products.

Koppappa Award

Sustainable manufacturing "Use all. Return all. Recycle after one lap."
Gururi cycle “e”cosine (eco-sign)

I don't want to throw out "wood trash" from the workshop as much as possible because it is a cosine that was born because the materials left over from furniture making are wasteful. That's why I'm doing everything I can and recycling around. There are many products born from that spirit. For example, a desk organizer, [limited edition] picture frame and wood peace. And a bookend made using characteristic wood grain materials. Even today, when making large furniture such as beds, sofas, and dining tables, manufacturing using small materials continues.

Round cycle eco sign

EC thing

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A small wooden tool born from "using up all the materials"

A small wooden tool born from "using up all the materials"

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