Autumn gifts to thank

Tree gifts to be given in the fall with gratitude to the important people who are taking care of us and those who are close to starting a new life.

Autumn is the season when many people start a new life after spring. It is a season to celebrate new milestones for those who start a new life, and to give a gift with gratitude to those who move far away by moving or relocating.
This autumn, we recommend cosine tree gifts that convey the warmth and gratitude of trees. Let's give thanks to that important person with an autumn gift card!
Autumn gifts

*If you would like a gift card, please enter your desired message in the "Order comment" field when placing an order.

Engrave anniversary or message,
Only one gift for the world

Many cosine watches can be processed with their name. In addition, you can put a name on some of the table & desk wear that is perfect for gifts. Engrave your anniversary or message to make a unique gift for the world that both recipients and recipients will remember!

*If you would like to enter your name, please select the product you wish to enter your name and "name" and select "size" and "typeface". Please enter your name in the "Order comment" field.
Insert name

Which products can be personalized? Can you see in advance how the name will be processed?

The products that can be put on the name are mainly watches and table & desk wear. The place where you can put your name differs depending on the product, so please check before placing an order.
After placing your name, we will send you a layout proposal by email from Cosine.
After confirming the layout plan, we will process after the layout is decided. It will be shipped within 1 week to 10 days after ordering.

Insert name

Insert name

Insert name
In addition to the above, you can also add a name to the [Limited retail store] picture frame.
Insert name

You can see the catalog (PDF) with your name here

Insert name
Add a message to your memorable scene. Picture frame made of solid wood for personalization

The picture frame, which has the presence and warmth of solid wood, can be used vertically or horizontally. It seems that you will be pleased if you put a picture of your memory and engrave a message with name processing and give it.

I want you to be at work, at home, or by your side. Desk organizer that can neatly store small items around the desk

A desk organizer that includes a tray and three parts. The three parts can store small items around the desk neatly. It is a gift that you can use with a feeling of warmth and the refreshing texture of maple wood.
Insert name

Put anniversaries and messages on the watch you see every day. A clock that makes you happy every time you look

Why don't you make a watch that you see many times every day with a message, an anniversary, your name, etc. as the only gift in the world? Choose a unique clock for the world, such as a wall clock (color) that will give you energy every time you look at it, a cute Cuckoo clock that can put a name on the pendulum, and a child clock that is close to your child's life. Please give me.
Insert name

For gift wrapping, ribbon and Reishi paper are available. Please choose according to your application.

As for the product in the cosmetic box, you can choose a ribbon in the cosmetic box or wrapping with original wrapping paper and Reto paper. Both are free. The products packed in a cardboard box are simple, but wrapping may be possible, so please order if you wish. *If you have any other information you would like to show on the Reishi paper, please enter it in the "Order comment" field when placing an order.
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*All prices shown do not include tax.

Autumn gifts to thank

Autumn gifts to thank

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One gift in the world
【 Insert name 】
If you wish to enter your name, please select the size and typeface and order it together with the product.
A size tax not included 1,200 yen / B size tax not included 1,500 yen



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